December 31, 2004


Today was also quite a shopping spree. I went to Dior, Ralph Lauren, Seibu (a lovely Hong Kong department store equivalent to Bloomingdales), Chanel and Dolce & Gabanna, and came home with a lovely green sweater (another essential for a Chicago winter) and a purple peacoat-not very practical but hey, who said fashion was practical?

Anyways, after spending 1 hour in Chanel, even though I came out with practically nothing, I feel I have absorbed some very fashionable tips from having spent so long staring at the new runway show they were showing. And a very cool show it was too, showing the models walking down the runway in one shot and them walking around in a boat in the same outfit in another. So according to Karl, and an article I read in Vogue recently, the sailing theme is very in indeed, as in his recent Cruise 04-05 Collection, with blue strips and blazers with the chanel logo on the breast pocket (which in my opinion looks more like a private school uniform then sailors). And this of course, being Chanel, is all done with their signature feminine and classy twist. And off the runway, in the store there were these incredibly gorgeous yellow flats that I totally love, but alas, one can't get everything one wants. Besides the fashionable value of them is butone season, the practicality of it is approximately one season and the love-ability of them despite it beng chanel is also one season before it turns dirty and ugly and you are forced to chuck them out. . . .

December 28, 2004

Hong Kong is wonderful indeed

Despite Hong Kong being a tiny, polluted and cramped up little dot on the world map, Hong Kong is indeed still one of the best places to live in, esp to shop in. The reasons being:
  1. Shops in HK close only one to two days a year. Those two days being Chinese New Year. Yes, Shops even open on Christmas Day, Boxing Day, National Day and Easter. So I encourage any shopaholics who live in horrible countries where shops don't open during holidays to visit Hong Kong!
  2. Shops in HK open before 12 noon, and close at a really lovable time, depending on location. In Central, which is the business district, shops close at 7-8pm. In Causeway Bay, which is the young people and shopping district, shops close at 10-12pm! Isn't that wonderful! This is why HK is a wonderful shopping place compared to other really lazy countries!
  3. Shopping is TAX FREE! It is absolutely fabulous! I mean, can you imagine how much less stress it is to shop without subconcsiously adding on the tax rate onto the price? Not to mention the prices for the exact same products are always cheaper in HK, even if the product is an import!
  4. Shops are always huddled in air-conditioned, well lit and posh-looking indoor shopping malls. And these malls are certainly not stranded in some wilderness, unlike a few horrible American outlets I have been to.

December 27, 2004

Smashbox Cosmetics

My first entry is on my most recent shopping trip, not along Mag Mile as usual, but in Times Square Hong Kong (which truly is the shopping heaven). Ever since I first laid eyes of the little Smashbox counter there when I got back, I have been obsessed with it and have wanted to try it out sometime. And today after spending one very blissful hour there, I walked away with the limited edition Smashing Sunset & Doheny palette, Anti-shining compact, blush, a free eyebrow pluck and a Gucci bag that has adjustable straps, so can be carried on the side and over the shoulder (such a bargain!). Anyway, during my obsession of it, I did spend a few hours of my time researching on this brand and here is the summary of it:

Smashbox Cosmetics was created by Dean and Davis Factor, the great-grandsons of the oh-so-famous Max Factor (and if you do not know who THAT is then you should NOT be here). It began as a Photo Studio in LA in 1991, combining Davis’ celebrity photography skill and Dean’s business skills, and soon became not just a studio, but the studio. And due to popular demand, in 1997 the Smashbox Cosmetics line was created. Some of their most famous products include the antishine, the cream eyeliner (also included in my palette), lip and eye primer and the photo finish foundation primer according to online reviews. But what I love most about them is their eye shadow trio and palettes, because seriously, does anyone ever finish the huge tube of single shade eye shadow they buy? Besides, in the trio they give you a selection of colors already combined for those with minimal knowledge of make-up i.e. yours truly or for those with more experience can be used however you like. Although a truly great buy is their Smashing Sunset & Doheny palette, because it includes eye shadows, eyeliner cream, lip gloss, 3 brushes and a case to put everything in! Either that, or this fascination with them is all a result of my new found makeup, eye shadow especially, obsession.

Needless to say, the empty make up bag I had at the beginning of the year is now fantastically full. It has been a busy year indeed.

New Years Resolution: get a bigger make-up bag and lose obsession with keeping make-ups in the boxes they came with.

December 25, 2004

The astounding woman

I thought I would dedicate my first post about the famous, (or infamous?) commander of fashion - Anna Wintour.

I think Anna Wintour is an absolutely astounding woman. For those of you who don't know who she is, she is the editor-in-chief of American Vogue. It is amazing how much power she has. She basically controls what should and should not be in fashion, and which designers should be the top ones. Like she's the one who made Marc Jacobs and John Galliano so top in the industry. She really knows how to balance between fashion and commerce. She openly admitted that if there were two equally beautiful dresses, she would chose an advertisor over a non-advertisor.

For those of you who have read The Devil Wears Prada, the bitchy editor Miranda Presley is meant to be just like Anna Wintour. Some may think she's a total cold-hearted bitch, but you (well, I can't anyways,) help admire how successful she is at making Vogue THE fashion bible every month. She's got such control and power, and people total listen to her. She's a very efficient worker, and she's got an annual salary of over US$1million and clothing allowance of US$50,000. Errr... ok, you're probably bored of me droning on about why I admire her so much so I'll stop here. I'm just going to finish reading the longest article I have ever found about Anna Wintour on the internet now.

December 02, 2004

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