September 30, 2005

Milan Spring/Summer 2006 Wrap Up II

Phew~ Long day today. Going to multiple classes trying to decide which teacher is better is very hard work. Thank god it is friday tomorrow. Anyway, its already like 10.34pm right now so I'm afraid I won't have time to regal you all the things happening on the Milan catwalk at the moment-I do need my beauty sleep, 11pm-3am is the best time for one's skin to rejuvenate you know! But here are two watch out for.

Following the previous season and their gorgeous ads, it seems like Moschino is picking up again. Their collection this season was powerful, feminine, very well put together and really a lot of fun to look at.
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They started off with this punk chic look that is offset by the very girly slinky lace trimmed dress underneath. And I just adore that shrug and skirt look, its just so amazingly put together!
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These two look is so bold and structured that it shouts of professional girl power. If I were to go to work, I would like to look like the model on the left. Professional yet feminine.
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Again very structured and bold. But these two are very mischievious too. Love the poofy sleeve, suspenders, flower and make-believe frills.
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by
And these two dresses are just very fun and pretty!

One simply must not sleep until one writes about Prada, right? Always 2 steps ahead, one never knows what to expect from Prada. And this time around, Muiccia did not disappoint. After the shock of black last season, this collection was all very white and nuetral. And the style very soft, simple and loose.

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Loose not really being my style, I still rather like the dress on the right. Its very simple and subtlely stylish. And could this be the new way to hold our bags?
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by
Travelling Miuccia's way. The look on the left is absolutely gorgeous! If only we all could afford to travel with white tiny suitcases that prob can hardly fit anything and will undoubtly get irreversibly dirty in a nanosecond.
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More pretty loose dresses. The crumpled stocking was a nice touch too. It really suits with the whole, soft, loose theme.
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by
See how futuristic Prada is? And boy am I glad to see those hats. It is about time we all fashionably protect our face from the irreversible damage sunlight will have on our skin.

Anyway, need my sleep now. Thank god its Friday!

Milan Spring/Summer 2006 Wrap Up I

MILAN has finally arrived. It is just too bad that Harrods Girl is going to miss gushing about her favourite fashion week because she doesn't have an internet connection in her new apartment yet. But I shall try my utmost to pay fitting tribute to the best of Milan despite my terribly busy first week of school. Ok, so lets start with the more "junior" brands.

Emporio Armani
There were a few random pieces, but overall I am loving this collection because everything is just so wearable! I definitely wouldn't mind owning a few of these pieces. In typical Armani fashion, it was sleek, chic and very elegant with a more street flair to it.
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A prime example of the few random pieces I mentioned. The skirt is gorgeous and the sailor shirt matched with satin pants creates just the right degree of contrast to make it intriguing. But if they hadn't been on the same catwalk together I wouldn't have known they were from the same collection. As I said-random.
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The others were much more coherant. Like here where similar types of materials are used to create contrast. And both are just beautiful. The very picture of a very chic young lady shopping the streets.
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Here the aforementioned young ladies are ready for a night out about town.
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The definition of Armani chic.

This collection is very pretty, feminine and romantic.While the color palette is all very innocent white and pale blue, the collection is most definitely not. It will take a very classy (and brave) girl indeed to wear them in public and not appear skanky.
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But perhaps its all just for the catwalk. Maybe in reality one wears a slip underneath the white dress and that ripped bodice is detachable. That would make them really gorgeous!
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by
Ditto for these two. Or am I just begin too conservative here?

Ok, so Marni is most definitely not a junior brand, I'm just putting it here. Anywho, this was a very typical Marni collection with big jackets cinched at the waist, loose dresses and boxy jackets.
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by
These jackets are all very typically Marni, but what I'm LOVING most are those belts! Those belts are just amazing!
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by
In fact, Consuelo Castiglioni is just a GENIUS at accessories! Ok maybe not perfectly displayed on these pictures since there's only one necklace, but if you look at the whole collection yourself you'll agree too.
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by
And the bright vibrant colors and patterns used in this collection is just so refreshing after seeing so many nuetral palettes on the other catwalks.

September 29, 2005

Ted Baker

A lot of you have asked me what jacket I was wearing in the photo for the NYTimes. I've waited until now to tell you guys because I wanted to devote a whole post on the fabulous designer of that jacket- the most-talented Ted Baker!
Walking around Union Square in SF, I came across Ted Baker and decided to check it out with Pete (the photographer). The people there were really nice and actually let us take pictures inside the store (some stores are so picky about that). Anyway, I absolutely fell in love with Ted Baker. His designs are very chic and unique. And his tailoring, his tailoring is perfect!
So perfect in fact that I could not resist but buy this very classical white shirt. I'm not sure if you can see it, but besides the excellent cutting, the details of this shirt is exquisite. The shirt has subtle striped jacquered pattern and the "buttons" on the sleeve are actually 3 white ties (although they do become annoying when you wear it for longer), its gorgeous! Here are a few more gorgeous pieces from their site I selected:
A very stylish way to stay warm this winter.
Love this cardigan. Also note the velvet bow on the denim. That is just very cute indeed.

This halter looks awesome by itself, but the floral pattern also makes it great for layering.

The perfect match for all 3 outfits!

And does anyone else notice how Ted Baker's collection bears a resemblance to Paul Smith? Apparently, in London, these two are competing brands. And while Paul Smith looks to conquer Asia, Ted Baker is set to conquer the US. Although I must say, I think Ted's design are much more interesting and original than Paul Smith. Ted is going to be opening a new store in Chicago soon. I cannot wait to check it out!!

Ps. For those interested, no, I regrettably did not buy the denim jacket in the end. It was a bit over my budget-although I did not think then that it would come back to haunt me quite so much. Perhaps they will have it on sale in the Chicago store. . .

September 27, 2005

Skin Scan

On our last shopping trip before we head back to our respective colleges, Harrods Girl and I went to a Facial/Spa Salon to look at Dermalogica, the skin care brand that sells exclusively at skincare salons such as the one we went to. There, we filled in a survey and had a free skin care consultation, which included a free face scan. The face scanner basically looks at your skin under ultra violet light. And it gives a very accurate picture of what your skin condition is really like. It is able to to reveal pigmentation, dehydration, sensitivity, sun damage, congestion and dead skin cells.

Basically, you just stick your head under the clothe and into the box. Inside there is a mirror for you to see your own reflection under ultra violet light and a hole opposite so the expert can take a look as well and explain what everything means. If you have near perfect skin, I am assuming that you would look like this lady below.
But in reality it is not such a pretty experience. We are no expert, but from our combined experience, we do know that patches of purple means dry skin and white means dead skin (not make-up, this machine goes beyond the surface of the skin, so one doesn't need to remove make-up to have a face scan-super convenient!).

Anyways, even though it wasn't a very pleasent experience (reality often isn't), we highly recommend a face scan, because it really reveals all the problem areas of the skin one has neglected or was unaware of. Better late then never right?

September 26, 2005

Shopping with Mother

During the weekend, Barneys Girl and I flew back to Chicago and London respectively for a new school term, (sigh, where did the summer holidays go?) So before I left, I spent some quality mother-daughter bonding time with my mother doing well, obviously shopping. It's fun to shop in nice stores knowing that at least one of you can afford the things.

So off we went to the wonderful fashion department stores of Hong Kong. First we hit Lane Crawford, where we were lured towards the Chloe section, and I was even more amazed that they had one Chloe Paddington left! After explaining it is more rare to see Paddingtons available in shops than to seeing rabbits hopping along the road, my mum was very impressed and tried the bag. Unfortunately, neither her nor I anticipated how heavy Paddingtons really were! So being sensible people that we are, we decided to purchase a Chloe Silverado instead (we bought a red one):

Then, we hit Miu Miu, where my mum was thinking of buying an Hermes-lookalike. But I adviced against it, and we spotted a similar bag as shown below. I love how it looks so classy and classical in the sense that it would not go out of style unless neon-colored bags were suddenly 'in'. The one we bought is sort of a tube shape.
Afterwards, we went to Joyce, where my mum bought a Marni coat that she has been eyeing for awhile. It is the same as the one shown below except the one she bought is dark grey and light grey with a tint of silver.
I absolutely LOVE that coat -it is so easy to wear and match with clothes. I can't wait to borrow it this winter!

September 25, 2005

Studded Bags I

The studds are not limited to the denim either. They are also quite prominent on bags this season too. The studds add a much edgier look to the otherwise pretty bland leather bags.

I mean, wouldn't this Be & D bag look so boring without those gold studds?

They are simply just the perfect detail for this Gucci bag.

Image hosted by

Studds here add dimension to this Gillian Julius Moroccan Bag from

And I absolutely LOVE the studds on this bag. Instead of using it as a vehicle to give edge, Miu Miu has cleverly used studds to create a gorgeous embroidered effect that is simply exquisite. I WANT this bag!

And THIS, now THIS Moschino bag is the perfect bag for fall. This is large enough to fit the shopping essentials, I LOVE the shape and the irregular shaped studds are just SO adorable!!!

Sigh, I'm loving the role studds are taking for the last two bags. It is so edgy yet so feminine.