December 24, 2005

Season's Greeting With Love

Its Christmas Eve, officially the start of the holidays! Harrods girl and I have already started to party it up. Being the good girls that we are, the rule is that xmas eve/day is for family and new years is for friends. So to celebrate Harrods Girl and I hosted a little xmas gathering of our own before the actual xmas eve/day. We even sent out evites completed with a theme!

We settled on this very chic evite and came up with the fabulous title of, "Because I am Worth it" ending it with, "You Know You Love Us." You recognize the "Gossip Girl" books theme we were inspired by? :D

So we all dressed up (read: no jeans) in our "evening wear" and of course, "evening bags" and gathered at the Grand Hyatt for a completely sumptuous dessert buffet. As you can see, some bags, like Harrods Girl's Paddington, can simply be used at all times. And some bags, like my gold YSL one, is limited to classy nights out like these (-there's no zipper. so if I go party with it, everything will prob fall out).

And for HK$180 (US$20) each (this is considered expensive already over here,) we were not disappointed. Everything sweet under the sun was available. For a girl with a super sweet tooth, I was in heaven. There were crepes, a table full of chinese desserts and haagan daz ice cream. HD ice cream are very expensive over here, like almost US$4 for a tiny scoop.

. . a chocolate fondue. .

. . a table full of apple desserts. .

. . and basically just everything sweet under the sun. yum. I believe the only salty things were cheese, crackers and this salmon meatloaf. But thats beside the point.

Apart from the eating and the chatting, in the spirit of xmas, we also swapped presents! And to make it interesting, we swapped it with a game of white elephant. I am still fuzzy on the details, but it was FUN. We strongly recommend you girls out there to treat yourself to something nice for xmas.

As for us, we are going to treat ourselves to a much deserved one week break from blogging (we've been blogging non stop for almost a year now!) so we can go on holiday (Harrods Girl to Taiwan and me on a much needed break), fix photos in our archives that are not working, rejuvenate and party up the holidays. We will see you all January 2nd 2006!

Merry Christmas and greet the New Year with style!

My Favourite Editorials in 2005 III -Glamorama

Another one of my favourite editorials this year is Glamorama (such a fabulous name!) from US Vogue Dec 2005. I LOVE how the models are in gorgeous dresses, doing laundry and doing random things like texting on mobile and sipping a soda. All the models look more like they were dressed and made up for a ball rather than the local laundry, but that's what makes it such a cool concept.

Another great thing about this Dec. editorial is that you can make out some of next season's trends from the shots, (and that is what Vogue is there for of course.) This editorial features models Gemma Ward, Lily Donaldson and Caroline Trentini, and was shot by photographer Stephen Meisel.

Again, the images are split into two posts. Thanks to

Glamorama II

December 23, 2005

My Favourite Editorials in 2005 II -Lily Takes a Trip

Remember back in June, I talked about the beautiful July 2005 issue of British Vogue? There was an amazing fashion spread in it called Lily Takes a Trip which features Lily Cole taking a trip to India in all sorts of gorgeous dresses. The shots turned out so well that one of the them even became the cover. The photos were taken by Tim Walker.

The scans here (thanks to the Lily Cole fan who scanned them) don't totally show how magnificent some of these photos were. For example, a lot of the background is cut off. Anyways, here it is: (there are so many images that I had to split the editorial into a few posts.)

Lily Takes a Trip II

December 22, 2005

My Favourite Editorials in 2005 I -Lily Story

It's almost the end of year, so I've decided to show you my three favourite fashion editorials published in 2005 in the next few days. After reading more fashion magazines this year (from ElleGirl and Teen Vogue to Cosmopolitan, Vogue and Glamour) than I have ever in my life, I've looked at a LOT of fashion spreads this year. It's a difficult choice but I managed to narrow my favourites down to three.

The first editorial is Lily Story from Vogue Italia Oct 2004 and shot by photographer, Stephane Sednaoui. (OK so I'm cheating and this editorial isn't from 2005, but it's so amazing I must show it!) I absolutely LOVE this shoot. Lily Donaldson looks like a perfect, REAL mannequin. If you didn't recognise Lily, then you wouldn't have guessed it was a human model! They even drew lines on her wrists to make her look like a mannequin! And the photography itself is amazing of course. Here it is: (sorry the images are so small.)

Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by

December 20, 2005

Aviator Shades

Having unconsciously lost my huge black BCBG shades some time during the quarter (I seriously do not know when. One day I was looking for my shades and they were GONE. Not to be found anywhere) I was naturally very upset. I've only had it for a few months! But maybe the loss of my huge black shades was a sign that I should move onto other styles of shades (I also have a pair of huge white shades).

Because, surprisingly, I ended up with the latest pair of Dior aviator shades. Its not exactly like this one, the glass on mine is two pieces, not one. But its close enought. I've never considered TRYING let alone BUYING a pair of aviator shades before. But the salesperson insisted and so I did. And lo and behold, I looked GOOD. The effect is different from a pair of huge shades, more. . . aviator period (whichever decade that was) and old hollywood-ish. Remember that movie Aviator with Leo in it?-THAT period of glam.

And it seems that our friends Marc and Karl agrees with John, judging from the latest shades from Marc Jacobs and Chanel above.

YSL and Fendi also make some great aviator shades. I love the purple of the YSL one, it makes it that much more feminine.

Other choices include Oliver Peoples and this $14 pair from Urban Outfitters on the right. Its about time we moved onto something new. The mystique huge shades are starting to get old.