December 24, 2006

What a girl wants for Christmas

Hey, Barney's Girl and I are going to take a 2 week break from the blog. Both of us are going to be on family vacation, celebrating new year with friends and head back to college in Jan. But before the break, I'm going to leave you with a list of fabulous Christmas ideas -basically what I would like to recieve, and I'm sure many of you would at least like one thing on the list.

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Girly beauty items. Girls always need eyeliners. Afterall, eyeliner is essential to some people's day looks and most people's night looks. And I absolutely love MAC's powerpoint eye pencil.

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Brush cleaner is another (but not obvious) must to one's beauty collection. Please do remember to clean your makeup brushes regularly!

Speaking of brushes, my sister was just saying how she would love a set of brushes -another essential to one's beauty collection.

Moving onto other girly things, as inspired by BG's list of essential bags, the LV Speedy 25 is a popular and very practical bag for a girl to own.

Another cool bag is the Chloe Paddington clutch -good for day and night, and effortlessly chic.

I love classic jewelry, and the first that comes into mind is Tiffany & Co's basic silver collection. These Elsa Peretti earrings are so classic and versatile. Hmm... maybe I should get them for myself.

The MacBook is SO small and cute, although I don't quite like it's keyboard and function inside. For more a more impressive laptop, get the MacBook Pro -much sleeker and impressive. I stood in the Apple store playing with these Macs for two hours a few weekends ago when my old laptop died, but ended up opting for a regular laptop instead.

Sony cybershot DSC-N2 -it's got 10.1 mega-pixels and a huge 3.0 LCD touch screen. And very importantly, it's cute!

Get your friend a DVD set of your favourite TV show that your friend hasn't watched before. I totally recommend Veronica Mars -it's one of the coolest and most underated show on TV.

Lastly, with more than 20mil viewers in the States each new episode, you can't go wrong with a Grey's Anatomy calender, (unless you know your friend hates the show.) A new year of staring at the entertaining cast of GA and Mc Hotties!

Merry Christmas and have a stylish (refer to earlier posts) new year people! See you in 2007!

December 23, 2006

FW06 Beauty Trend: The Smoky Eyes

Yes, I know that we are technically at the end of the FW06 season, but I've saved this very gothic look for the festive season. I absolutely love this season's gothic look. We're not talking about high school emo/ rock chick/ gothic look here, we're talking the sophisticated one.

Rochas had chimney sweepers as the inspiration of the collection, including the super smoky eyes which looks like a lot of shades of matte black and charcoal grey.

Alessandro Dell'Acqua -Sparkling and fluid-like black. The whole eyelid looks literally all black.

Marc by Marc Jacobs and Valentino -Marc's (left) eye makeup is soo funky -it looks like the makeup artist used a black eyeliner and drew random lines all over the model's eyelids (which I'm sure were well-planned)! On the other hand, Valentino has got the very sophisticated look, with mainly dark eyeliner at the bottom, complete with red lipstick. A bit too mature for me, but maybe some of you would like to try it.

Nars eyeshadow -Pile on the sparkling black, artistically of course. For those who want a bit of colour, dark purple is great for most skin tones.

Nars liquid eyeliner -Lots and lots (and hope that it doesn't run off throughout the night!) If you want the smudged eyeliner effect, then opt for pencil eyeliner instead. I usually recommend MAC's black eyeliner to my friends.

And lastly, mascara! From experience, Diorshow gives the most dramatic effect, although it did smudge a bit on long nights.

If you think all this black is waay too dramtic and dark for you, then you can try dark brown. See how Rachel Bilson looks mega-gorgeous in dark brown smoky eyes? (But then again, she looks gorgeous in most looks.)

I've always thought Christmas as a family event and New Year countdown as a friends' event. Personally, I think this look is a bit too extreme for family Christmas dinners, but I'm seriously considering doning this look for New Year. Now all I have to do is master the art of putting on all that black eye makeup without looking like a panda and find myself a super pale lip colour!

December 22, 2006

This Week BG is Loving. . .

This gorgeously delicious rose buckle belt from McQ!
I love the beautiful and intricate design of the rose buckle. It is feminine yet cool. Matched with the perfect width belt, they will be just the thing to spice up and pull together an outfit. I’ve been looking for something like this for the longest time.
Although I might just end up with something even simpler this season. A black patent leather belt with a simple buckle and the perfect width, not too wide or too thin- like this one here from Shop Intuition. I saw something very similar the other day at Lafayette and I really wanted it because it would just match with everything, but alas they were 65euros. I’m not sure something so simple is worth that much. Thoughts?

December 19, 2006

Travel Essentials: Bags

Having travelled a lot lately, I've constantly faced this dilema: Which bags should I bring??
It's been tragic. I always want to bring absolutely everything. When I went to Paris for 10 weeks, I brought with me my big Coach tote for school and since I'd just gotten it then, my Miu Miu leather Satchel. Function and style (like this YSL Muse bag here) is obviously high on my list.
Although during that 10 weeks, there were times when I wished that I'd actually brought a smaller size bag just to save my shoulders and for days out when I don't need to bring my school stuff and I don't want to use my super stylish bag. Something like this Longchamp bag (which is SO french) and this Vuitton bag (which I very smartly brought with me to Sydney this time) would've been nice.
The other bag I'd brought to Paris was a black Prada sparkly evening shoulder bag (which I'd "borrowed" from my mom's collection)that can barely fit anything. While these evening bags are nice, sometimes I just wished I'd brought something more casual that is not limited to nice evenings out. (above: LV (left) and Rodo (right)).

Something like these small shoulder bags/clutch would've been ideal. I really missed my blue LV shoulder bag (bottom). A simple black shoulder bag like the top one from Juicy would not have gone amissed. And come to think of it, I REALLY want that small Chloe Paddington Clutch (middle)!! Its stylish and can be both casual and formal. Dear Santa.....

So now that I've shared my travel bag essentials, care to share what bags you can't live without?

Christmas 2006: Cocktails and Formal Parties

So many people have also been asking about what they should wear to parties -not casual house parties, but the more formal cocktails and parties.

Checks and metalics are huge trends this year. Both dresses from Top Shop -I've tried the purple version of these dresses on, and it's such a fun dress.

Very 'american'-feel dresses, left one by BCBG and right one by ABS. The dress on the left feels a bit too prom-ish, but is undeniabely pretty.

Diane von Furstenburg of course makes loads of fabulous dresses. Wrap-dresses are very flattering, versatile, and not to mention very useful in the future too. For those who want to look more sexy, DvF also makes non-wrap-dresses like the strapless one on the right.

Cocktail dresses from Urban Outfitters. It's so hard to find dresses like these -cute, trendy, affordable and don't look cheap!

LOVE these dresses. Soooo pretty! Dresses by Miu Miu (left) and Derek Lam (right). With dresses as short as the Miu Miu one, wear tights underneath to keep warm and look lady-like.

Dresses by Top Shop. Don't be afraid to wear mini (although not too mini) dresses to parties (but not the most formal parties). Again, wearing tights is a good idea, and please, do wear underwear!

These two dresses are acceptable for quite formal parties and look fun! Who wants to look stuffy at a Christmas /New Year party? I love the satin and silk material because it makes the dress look so much classier and gorgeous. Dresses by Marc by Marc Jacobs (left) and Ya-Ya (right).

I hope this gives everyone some ideas of what to wear. I can't tell you exactly what to wear, but this should hopefuly inspire you! Put a shawl (may be or may not be fur) on, then you're set for a fun and gorgeous night!

December 17, 2006

This Week HG is Loving...

One or two birthdays ago, BG gave me the DVD of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. My old laptop wouldn't read Region 1 DVDs, so it took until last Tuesday for me to watch it, and oh do I wish I watched it earlier. I loved it! All 4 actresses were great and each of the four storylines were so loveable and touching.

First off, I love the idea of having a small group of tight friends whom you can depend on and have fun with. It's even more fun when the friends are so different yet so compatible (like the 'sisters' in Traveling Pants.)
Fashionwise, the movie wasn't quite inspiring. But that's not the point of the movie is it? There is, however, enough differences in their fashion sense and beauty style to show their different personality.

OK, so as said, there were 4 storylines, all linked and witnessed by the amazing pair of jeans, which fit all 4 girls. My favourite one was Lena's (played by Alexis Bledel) story. Lena goes to Greece to visit her family and sketch. She accidently meets a gorgeous guy and they fall in love. Sounds so typical, but it's seriously so sweet. It doesn't hurt that Alexis is so perfect for this role.

Another storyline is Bridget's (Blake Lively). She goes to soccor camp and starts chasing after the coach. All this is not your typical romance plot, as it actually disguises a much deeper issue with her parents.

Then there is Carmen (America Ferrera), who visits her not-quite-there-dad and finds out that he is preparing to marry another woman and annoying new family. She tries to deal with her problems with her dad and body figure.

Lastly, there is moody Tibby (Amber Tamblyn), who works in the local supermart and tries to make a documentary on the local people. She stumbles upon a little girl, who in turn starts to follow Tibby around. Tibby finds out the girl has a disease and realises life is bigger than what she thought it was.

All these storylines are linked by the symbolic jeans, and the letters and encouragement from each other. See? It's seriously such an incredible moving to watch both, quietly and with your closest friends. Who else has seen it? And if you haven't seen it, go buy the DVD! It's SO worth it.

December 15, 2006

Paris Finale

Some last words on Paris. Walking around knowing that you had nothing pressing to do but just to enjoy yourself for the last two days in Paris is a luxury.

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This must be like the millionth time I've mentioned the LV store, but this time I actually have something interesting to share besides how awesome I think it is. From now until some time soon (not sure when) there is a Louis Vuitton Exposition on the 7th floor in the LV building. Very few people know about it, just go in through the scary official looking side entrance and they'll take you up a completely black elevator (seriously, black felt covered with NO LIGHT) and drop you off at the exposition where they have awesome displays of LV coolness, like this hot air baloon hanging bag, flat screen suitcase, the MJ room, the Vuitton bag columned terrace, sleek designs, LV wallpaper...totally gorgeous.

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Another thing I loved about Paris was the food. And since I have a sweet tooth, the chocolatiers especially. There is Pierre Herme here, where I bought this delicious chocolate lollipop thing (right) with caramel inside.

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The Maison du Chocolat. I had high expectations for this after all the raging from my friends. The chocolate cake was delicious.

But my favourite was the Jean Paul Hevin which I had with HG. We sat down and each had a chocolate cake. They were completely DIVINE.

Another thing I had with HG was this very good valued 6 course meal for 38 euros off Lourmel. It came first with a pumpkin mousse thing.

Then a soup.
Duck and Foie Gras (i still have not acquired the taste for it)
Scallops and lobster thingys thats like small prawns which I cannot remember the thing of. Lagoustine? Well anyway, this was my favourite.

Shephards pie, which was better then I expected. And the my friend had deer meat (right) which i heard tasted "not bad"
Cheese and a chocolate cake which was so good I forgot to take a picture of.

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At night, may I suggest the bar at the Hotel Plaza Athenee where they filmed Sex and the City? We didn't even realise it was here. But the decor was totally chic (although the drinks were all a whooping 24euros!)

For something slightly cheaper, there is the Mandalay Club(did I spell it right?), which is a restuarant and a club (after 12ish). Cover charge is around 20euros with a drink including. But then you can stay there all night...where you can head over to Quick afterwards for a quick bite!

On my last day, I spent 5 hours on the Eiffel Tower (the lines are horrendous!!!) and 1 hour taking pictures of and with it from the Grand Palais area where this gorgeous bridge is. It also sparkles for 10 minutes every hour. And that concludes my adventures in Paris. Goodbye Paris!

Christmas 2006: Friends and Parties

Many people have asked us to write about what to wear to Christmas parties with friends and family. So this post is about what clothes would be great for casual partying with your friends. Personally, I think jeans and a pretty top is the best outfit. While this may seem casual for some people, I think overdressing is the worst thing one could do, so stick to the basic combo!

So the key to making the outfit is the incredible top. Barneys Girl and I have been obsessed with silk lately because we think it makes a top look really classy. Another great thing about a cool going out top is that you can wear it for so many occasions afterwards. Anyways, so here are some tops that I like:

Bright, bold colours are definitely good choices -fashionable and eye-catching. Tops by Sunner (left) and Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent (right).

Another bold colour but for the cool skin tones, blue. Tops by Nieves Lavi (left) and Top Shop (right).

Pretty, casual kimono tops by Urban Outfitters.

These two tops are perfect for office parties or say, nice Christmas dinners. Tops by Marc by Marc Jacobs (left) and Rebecca Taylor (right).

With the androgynous look being all the rage this season, you could def try that look for parties. I love the tops above. They just give off this really cool (and slightly unfriendly) vibe. Tops by Rachel Roy (left) and Top Shop (right).

It is winter afterall, so some people may prefer long sleeves. That's absolutely fine as long as the tops don't look too stuffy and have nice details on them, like the flowy sleeves in the top by Foley for Foley + Corinna (left) and the serious prettiness of the top by LaROK.

Pictures from and

So, keep an eye out for that oh-so-incredible top!