January 30, 2007

Chloe Bags SS07

Since the Paddington, Chloe bags have been on everyone's radar. Well, it has been on mine anyway (although I've always liked the style of their clothes as well). I especially liked the Betty bag. But now, its time to look forward to their newest offerings in SS07. Here are the two I like best.
The Bay Bag. Isn't it a little reminiscent of the Balenciaga Motorcycle bag? But I quite like this version of it. It still fits everything and its more rounded, cute, feminine and just different. I find the two huge zips on the pocket really adorable too! This is a really fun and classic bag.
Then there is the Ava. Although similarly rounded, this bag is less structured and I think more elegant, ladylike and feminie. Definitely more sophisticated.

I can't quite decide which one I like better, they are so similar and at the same time so different! I adore them both. Et toi?

SAG Awards 2007 Fashion

Award show again, but this time it's the SAG Awards. The winners of the SAG are pretty much the same as the Golden Globes so I'm not going to bother much with who got the awards. Actually, this award seemed so similar to the Golden Globes I wasn't even going to blog about it, but some dresses were so pretty that I couldn't resist.

OK, wow. Katherine Heigl's outfit was pretty disappointing at the Globes, but this dress just looks stunning on her. Plus she carries that old Hollywood look really well. Look at how gorgeous that hair and makeup are...

Sandra Oh (and her stylist) seem much better at selecting the right dresses for her now. She looked elegant in this Armani dress. One thing worth mentioning, Armani (or Armani Prive) totally upped the fashion-meter at the SAG yesterday. A few of the stylishly classic dresses were by Armani -more below:

I love Cate Blanchett's whole look here, from the dress to necklace to the earrings. The dress is such a great fit and cool look on her.

Anne Hathaway in Marchesa -uh, so-and-so I guess. Teri Hatcher -I usually hate Hatcher's fashion, but this dress looks really nice on her, (thanks Armani). At the very least, she doesn't look her usual tacky self.

Sara Ramirez -not bad. The green silk suits her skin tone really nicely. Diane Kruger in Dior -ahh, what can I say? Diane K practically looks pretty in everything.

Ellen Pompeo in Lanvin -I appreciate that she's got her own sense of style, but I'm really not liking the neckline bit of this dress. Kate Walsh -So summery and happy! It's not an amazing dress or anything, but she looks great in it, which at the end of the day is the most important thing.

Helen Mirren -I'm usually not interested what the older actresses wear to award shows, but Mirren looked so lovely and the dress was so suitable for her that I had to post about her.

The Ugly Betty ladies! Becki Newton -She's so gorgeous! Love the hair and makeup. And that dress looks amazing on her. This is definitely an improvement from that ill-fitted dress at the Globes. America Ferrera -Oddly, I don't like her as much as Becki, but she does look elegant in this dress.

Rachel McAdams -Ooo, I've been obsessed with her pink highlights for awhile. As much as the dress is young and cool, I'm not sure this super mini dress was the right choice for the red carpet, but she looks so cute that I'm going to ignore it and just declare her mega-cute!

Whose dress and whole look did you like the most?

January 28, 2007

Dior 5-Colour Eyeshadow Palettes

On the first day I arrived back in London last week, I went on a oh-so-important beauty shopping trip with two friends. My friend, uh hum, not me, desperately wanted new makeup. (Oh wait, I think I ended up buying a skincare product too. Anyways...) A little tip to you: If you know you're going to buy a certain makeup product, you might as well get the makeup/ saleslady to put it on you so you learn how to use the product professionally. So, we went to the Dior counter at Selfridges and my friend got a little makeover.

The makeup lady applied concealer over her eyelids and undereye area first. Then she spent a long time layering the different shades of shimmery pink and purple onto her eyelids. To complete the look, the makeup lady put on eyeliner and mascara. Tada. The effect is super super pretty, like the looks you see in magazines.

As we know, the smoky eyes look were very 'in' for FW06, and smoky eyes are just so useful for nighttime looks. But the key to this season's smoky eyes is to use many shades of the same colour. (According to a magazine I read, using only one dark colour to create smoky eyes is like, so last decade.) For example, if you use this Dior palette, you would use the dark purple and brownish colour on the outer corners and the light pink on the inner corners of your eyes.

A Dior palette costs US$49.50 in the US and 32 pounds in the UK. Of course, there are other cheaper or more expensive eye shadow palettes, but I do think these Dior palettes have great colour selections.

January 26, 2007

The Queen

In the light of all these nominee's for The Queen, I felt like I should comment on it as well. I watched this movie back in Paris, because they weren't showing Marie Antoinette in the cinema. So I didn't have much expectations for it and honestly, I had no idea what it was about.

So I was pleasantly surprised when the movie turned out to be so good. I've never thought of Diana's death from such an angle. I just remember feeling sad that she died and we all watched the tele when they showed her funeral procession and Elton John sang Candle in the Wind. It was interesting to see how the Queen struggled to cope with the situation.
And Helen Mirren played Queen Elizabeth so well too! All the inner struggle, the pride and the dignity was so powerfully conveyed- and she didn't even do it with words! Plus, she LOOKS like Queen Elizabeth! The make-up and hair and everything is just amazing.
Even her co-star Michael Sheen looked like Tony Blair. And I really liked his character too, he was funny yet compassionate and supportive of the Queen's plight while everyone else just didn't understand. Plus, I thought the bond between the Queen and Tony established at the end by Diana's death was really touching. I also liked that the theme of the movie was different from all the usual genre of movie, romance, comedy, save the world etc.

Who would've thought that such a touching movie could be made of a few short days?

Haute Couture SS07 III

The final wrapup of the SS07 Haute Couture shows; the last dazzle.

Armani Prive

The most obvious thing about this show was that everything was silver, or at least some part of the couture was silver. The second most obvious thing is the Indian theme -Indian influenced cuts and turbans.

Other than that, it really is just a dazzling show of gorgeous, elegant dresses and suits.

That's such a pretty, cute cocktail dress (on the left), which sort of reminded me of Marchesa, although this dress is obviously fancier. And the dress on the right is the Armani-chic take on the Indian dress.

Ahhh... the simple, beautiful flowing wedding dress.

Jean Paul Gaultier

While the Armani Prive collection was certainly lovely to look at, I personally found the Gaultier collection somewhat more fun to look at. Maybe because I'm not of the age to wear businesswear yet, and am more into the haute-casual-couture, if that makes sense. Anyways, I'm just going to state the obvious: this collection is very religion-inspired. Not a particularly inspiring topic to me, but Gaultier pulled together quite a lot of fascinating pieces.

First there are the halos. I love Stam's whole look (most right) -it's so beautiful and haunting.

Then there are the slightly darker looks. It's so cool how the halo on the left and the dress on the right look like the windows seen in churches.

Then there are the couture that are so artistic that I don't quite understand. Oh well, this is haute couture.

And finally, though not my style, it is a really pretty dress, with the cape and sheer material. And of course, that crazy hair and halo!

Alas, we'll have to wait another six months to see the next round of Haute Couture collections. Or perhaps we'll see a few of these dresses at the award shows? We'll see.
Photo credit: Marcio Madiera @ style.com.

January 24, 2007

Haute Couture SS07 II

Sigh, another season of the world's most beautiful dresses. . . .

Personally I really liked Tisci's collection. I thought it was brilliantly elegant and modern with just the right amount of detail to be haute couture.

A very different yet elegant design in navy blue. And I just love the simplicity of the black dress. Even though its simple, one can still see the excellent tailoring that went into the skirt that hangs around in the most flattering way.

See what I mean about just the right amount of details? Its there but its not too over powering like some shows I know. . and isn't the yellow dress so refreshing? The bright color contrasts perfectly with the model's dark hair and pale complexion!

And I just liked how different yet elegant the dress on the left is. The tailoring of the skirt is just genius. The dress on the right though is overpowering and looks like the model has wrapped snakes around her upper body.

Christian Lacroix
Christian Lacroix was *yawn* same old same old. A melange of flower prints from all over, it really is not quite my thing and I can't quite bring myself to be too excited about them as I did before when he rolled those delicious candylike dresses. There are a few more simpler feminine and pretty ones that I liked:

But mostly, it just looked like a mismatched mixture of floral prints to me.
Lily Cole looks unusually happy here considering that she's in that ridiculous head gear and over powering dress. Thats professionalism.

As most of you would know by now, I am usually an ardent fan of Chanel and I always have nothing but good things to say about their collections. But this time, I must admit, I am somewhat disappointed by the collection.

I can feel Karl's attempt to incorporate the latest trends with the classic Chanel. And I like it, the black stockings with the short dresses and belts are adorable. But in some instances, like the pink jacket above with the huge bow (right), I just don't quite know what to make of it.
There are some gorgeously trendy pieces. I absolutely LOVE the neckline in both these outfits, its different but still ladylike and cute. I mean, that black coat with the feather trimmings (right) is just darling!

More lovely outfits. Again, the neckline on the left is amazing, and I think the very structured (and beautifully made) tux with a flowing chiffon dress (right) strikes just the right balance.

I even understand his glamor theme here. This is glamor and thats fine, this is stunning.

But those were just the better ones I selected from the show. The rest of the collection was drowning in feathers and just way over the top. I think Mr Lagerfeld has been watching too much Project Runway, because these designs remind me of Laura Bennett and her obsession with feathers and sequins.

And then, he started spending too much time hanging out with Gwen Stefani, because doesn't this dress (right), remind you of something Gwen wore a while ago when she was pregnant?
These layers of chiffon (left) is most unflattering and is reminescent of the last YSL collection. And this dress looks like the haute couture version of Cruella de Ville's costume.
Don't get me wrong, I am sure the detail and craftsmanship of these outfits are nothing short of exquisite. I am just more used to seeing something as classic, elegant and divine as the dresses above than the other over the top creations. I know this is couture, but its still supposed to be flattering to the figure!

All credits of the photography goes to Don Ashby and Marcio Madeira.

January 23, 2007

Single or Double Eye Lids?

I can't say I personally have this problem, but from friends who do have single eye lids, they've always had a problem with applying the current eye make-up trends or just eye make-up in general because they don't have the crease. I guess I can see why and that is probably one of the reasons why double eye lid surgerys have become so common nowadays. For those of you who want double eye lids but think that a surgery is a bit too scary (and it IS!), here is a little contraption the japanese came up with to give you temporary double eye lids.
The Koji Technical Eye Tape is basically a clever thin tape in the shape of the contours of your eyes. You stick it on the top of your lids, look up, let it stick and *viola* double eye lids! Thats the theory anyway. The application, like that of fake eye lashes, is not as easy as it sounds. The effect is also probably not as perfect as one would hope, because from the side you can totally see the tape. And even from front on, it looks slightly unnatural. But still, for all intents, you have double eye lids for the day. Isn't this such a clever idea? I never even knew such a thing existed until this weekend when my friend came in with suddenly double eye lids!

Haute Couture SS07 I

Be prepared to be dazzled. Oh, and excuse my squealing in this post!

Christian Dior
It wasn't until I started reading The Beautiful Fall (the book) recently that I realised how important and meaningful haute couture is to old Parisian couture houses like Dior. This show was A-freaking-MAZING. I have never been as awed by a haute couture show as by this one. Galliano revived haute couture with this collection. The theme was Japanese, and you'll be absolutely amazed by all the intricate details put into each piece of couture -from the accessories down to the material and little beads.

Left: Typical Dior silhouette with the Japanese flower details and origami. Right: A very spring-feeling dress.

Left: I LOVE this dress. I saw a HQ photo of this dress, and the flowers are SO detailed. I literally stared at this dress for 5 mins. Right: You see that square in the front? It is imitating one of those paper-folded games. And there are actually branches on her head.

Left: Such craftsmenship -look at the way the ruffles swirl around her. Right: SO pretty. It's like she's wearing white dress and has a pink printed cloth artistically wrapped around her.

There two dresses are much darker. Left: A somewhat realistic outfit. Right: The dress makes the model look like one of those evil flowers you see in anime cartoons. Seriously, how do they make the shape actually stay?

These dresses are every girly girls' fantasies. The beadings, sequins, tails and puffed-up bottom -sigh... Btw, you MUST go look at HQ photos of these dresses. You seriously can't appreciate the dresses until you've seen them blown up large.

The last dress -wow wow wow. This dress is like a combination of a huge typical wedding dress and origami design. On the chiffon, there are a lot of beads and sequins to make the dress shine. And the origami part -you can even see how it imitates every fold of origami. Can you say genius? She looks sort of like a swan, a very exquisite swan of course.

Even the accessories and makeup were Japanese-inspired. Talk about serious art here!

Ahh, and the show of course ends with Galliano himself all madeup and dressed-up.


There were some elegant dresses, but to be honest, it was really just a typical Valentino couture show.

Elie Saab

Lots of shimmer and glamorous dresses. Most of them are actually very wearable -perhaps we'll be seeing some on the red carpet at the Oscars?

All credits of the photography goes to Don Ashby and Marcio Madeira.