August 09, 2005


There is a "luxury" version of everything, from luxury towels to luxury bags. When it comes to luxury mobile phones, Vertu phones are definitely on the top of the list.
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Made of 69.25 carat pure scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, hard wearing ceramic fit for space shuttles, jewelled ruby bearing to support each key and around the clock/world concierge service, each phone costs a whooping $20000!! Roughly that is- and no I did not accidently typed in an extra zero.
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And for the Paris Hilton's of the world, they even made a limited edition 2005 one in pink, with soft pink backlighting and hand embossed pink leather!
But for those who are not mega rich, Nokia (who also owns Vertu) created the Nokia 8800 series based on Vertu phones. It has an impressive 5 megapixel camera, scratch-resistant glass screen, high quality stainless steel body, stunning color display and a very cool and fun to play with sliding design. Plus the price is only $1000, 1/20 of Vertu's price. So I guess this is the not-so-luxurious luxury phone?


Blogger pinksundrops said...

5 megapixel camera on a cell phone, now that's what I'm talking about! Way to go Nokia, maybe they're finally starting to get their edge back. Maybe? Ha.

20,000 buckaroos on a CELL phone!!! Now c'mon people don't you have something better to spend your money on?!

8/09/2005 1:07 PM  
Blogger Harrods Girl said...

Oooh yes, I have heard of and seen this phone. Kind of amazing how much ppl are willing to pay for a phone. But I heard it only gets really expensive if you pick to have extras added on, like gold and diamonds.

8/09/2005 6:48 PM  
Blogger Jack Naka said...

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10/05/2005 2:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"It has an impressive 5 megapixel camera"
The Nokia 8800 DOES NOT have 5 Megapixel!! Check your sources.. It has an svga camera, which is normal for Nokia. It is just a normal phone with a bit special design. It is just a new zippo phone. This is what it says in the nokia pages about 8800:"

Nokia 8800 - Phone Features
What's New

Discover the new Nokia 8800 phone. Created for your ultimate pleasure, its graceful looks and seamless functions will leave a lasting impression. Every aspect has been meticulously considered and precisely engineered; from the laser-cut curves of its steel-clad body to the state-of-the-art slide mechanism and fine-pitched screen with reinforced glass - this phone is a masterpiece. Let the exquisitely composed ringing tones evoke your innermost emotions.
Quick Links

* Operating Frequency
* Imaging
* Messaging
* Connectivity
* Browsing
* Media Consumption
* Java™ Applications
* Power Management

Key Features

* Durable stainless steel covers
* Fine-pitched screen protected by scratch-resistant glass window
* Integrated SVGA camera
* Active TFT display with 262,144 colors ( 208 x 208 pixels )
* 3D image engine for enhanced graphics
* Video recording and streaming
* Digital music player
* Device-to-device synchronization

Full Specifications

Operating Frequency

* Tri-band operation GSM coverage on up to five continents (GSM 900/1800/1900 networks)
* Automatic switching between bands


* Weight: 134 g
* Dimensions: 107 x 45 x 15.0-16.5 mm, 67 cc

Display and User Interface

* High-resolution TFT display with 256K colors, 208 x 208 pixel resolution
* Exclusive user interface, themes and styles


* Integrated SVGA camera (0.5 megapixels)
* Video player
* Improved video recording quality (QCIF)
* 3D image engine for enhanced graphics

12/15/2005 10:42 AM  
Anonymous kytheria said...

even if i'm rich i will never get a vertu phone cuz it looks ugly, i got the nokia 8800 and its not so luxurious cuz everyone got it i just liked its elegant shape and the cam is not 5 megapixel i wish!! its just a normal camera.

12/20/2005 2:09 AM  
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Blogger Alex said...

I bought my Nokia 8800 a couple of weeks ago and this phone is excellent – A+. I’m 100% happy so far and all my mates are looking to get one too. Great looking, easy to use, and really well built. Girlfriend bought me a goldplated mobile phone cover for the Nokia 8800 from and it now looks super cool!

Alex, London

5/13/2006 6:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

gold plated, super cool. get me a bucket

12/10/2006 3:13 AM  
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