January 31, 2005

Bag Trends Spring / Summer 2005

Ah yes, after I had featured a few key trends for spring/summer 2005, how could it not be time to finally feature bags? This season, big bags are in, (thank goodness. I mean, how did you ever fit everything you need in a tiny bag?) The big bags are part of the world-trotting trend this year, (such as bohemian luxe, safari, holiday themes.) Hobo bags continue to be fashionable this year, but some are different in terms of style and colors. Here are some selections that can be worn with any daytime outfits (and some night wear.):

by Chloe
The IT bag of the season: Chloe leather paddington bag. It goes with ALL the trends this year, and would definately be wanted by all the fashionistas this season.

by Chloe
A lovely bag which I love from Chloe this season. Its perfect for the rich girl traveling around the globe. Well, and also good for going out everyday.

by Burberry
The Burberry Prorsum bag featured in the ads and heavily campaigned on this year. The two pockets and extra long straps give a more casual bohhemian luxe feel to the bag. Oh, and did I mention that this kind of woven handles are seen in a lot of bags this season? Make sure you look out for them.

by Coach
A fabulous hobo bags. Notice that the hobo bags have evoled from the bent shape to this slouchy square shape.

by Anthropologie
Another lovely evolved hobo.

by Urban Outfitters
A classical hobo bag perfect for a shopping spree and a day in the city.

by American Eagle
Notice the floral patterns, which is an important trend this year (thanks to Burberry.) An excellent tote for all casual occasions, such as going to the gym, the beach, to school...

Faithful sling bag from shopintuition.com & girlshop.com
This metallic comfortable hobo was seen on Cameraon Diaz and Sarah Michelle Gellar. Need I say more about how nice it is?

by Gucci
Rememer to check out Gucci on your next shopping trip. Gucci is offering a lot of excellent choices that can serve multi-purpose (day & night), luxe looking, and even go with the posh holiday theme.

January 30, 2005

Intellectually Fashionable

There is a common misconception in this society that people who are interested in and follow fashion are "fashion victims". They think that its dumb to be spending all that money to buy items of clothing that are "fashionable" one season and out the next. I would like to point out that a) one does not neccessarily have to spend all that money to be fashionable, although it helps and b) there is nothing wrong with wanting to look good, smart and up-to-date. Besides, who said intellectual people are not fashionable? I consider myself and Harrod's girl to be intelligent in every sense of the word, and fashionable. Even intellectual celebrities, like Natalie Portman and Kate Bosworth, can be fashion inspirations.

In fact, some intellectual people have slight perfectionist tendencies in them, which makes them want to look good on the outside as well as on the inside. And so, I would like to conclude that people who are interested in and follow fashion are not fashion victims but in fact, "intellectually fashionable".

Behind the Fashion Scene

Find out more about "I am Fashion" at Behind the Fashion Scene.

January 29, 2005

Kate Moss for Burberry Prorsum

I was so excited to see the new Burberry Prorsum advertisement in the March issue of InStyle. The advertisement features Kate Moss, my other all-time favourite model! She had recently turned 31, and she still looked great in the new Burberry Prorsum campaign.

Kate Moss is obviously the perfect choice to be featured in the new Burberry Prorsum ads, since the first thing you relate Kate Moss to is usually along the lines of 'British', 'classy and stylish.' Also, it seems as if Kate has been featured in most Burberry campaigns in the past decade. Oh, and probably the most importantly, Kate is Burberry's muse.

From the first picture, you can see that Burberry has obviously decided to mix old-style Burberry together with new-style Burberry, to form a modern, and yet still classy looking English line. Here, Kate Moss is wearing a light, spring/summer dress, and is wearing a seemingly metallic cardigan over it. She has very natural make-up on, and is wearing 6-inch heels.

The theme of springtime Burberry being in the countryside, (picture a perfect picnic day with super green grass.) Here is another photo from the campaign:

Traditionally, Burberry usually focuses on its Burberry check designs as its main campaign. Burberry Prorsum never got much success, as the clothes were too conceptual to be popular, yet not intelligent enough to gain underground support. For the coming season of Spring/ Summer 2005, Burberry had already delivered a well-recieved fashion show for Burberry Prorsum, and is now focusing its campaign efforts on this line.

Here are a few favourites from Burberry Prorsum for Spring/ Summer 2005:

THE trench coat featured in every magazine this season.

This outfit is wonderful pale yellow cardigan makes it classy, and the metallic skirt makes it modern. A great example of the newly focussed Burberry Prorsum line.

As mentioned in the last photo, but this one in this season's IT color, blue. She is also wearing a spring trenchcoat, and carrying a classy hobo bag.

This is the exact same outfit as the one Kate Moss is wearing in the ad. It is the perfect outfit for a posh lady to wear to a garden tea party.

Although this dress has an uncanny resemblance to Chloe's dresses, it actually is different from Chloe's. Notice the cutting and style of the lower half of the dress. It focuses on creating volume, and this
feature is also seen in other Burberry dresses this season, such as
this one.

January 28, 2005

Spring/Summer 2005 Throw-Aways

With so many media and fashion houses telling you what is in style, it seems you are never informed of what is out of style. Yes, we understand you spent a fortune last season, and the seasons before, buying whatever was in style, but fashion is fickle, and you don't want to be one of those sad people wearing out-of-season outfits, *gasp*, think of the horror! No fears, we will save you from any untrendy humiliations! Here are some must-throw-away items that designers have said for this season:

John Galliano (for Christian Dior) says: ditch the pearls.
I have been waiting for ages for someone, or something to say that out loud. For the fashion-foward people, pearls started regaining high-fashion status two years ago, (approximately Winter 2003.) But typical consumers only just caught up with the pearl trend in Summer & Winter 2004, (and some people are still buying them!) So stop buying those fake pearls in the mall- even if they are on super sale!

Giorgio Armani (for Emporio and Giorgio Armani) says: ditch anything dark.
I only partially agree with this. I completely agree that we should be focusing on bright and colorful outfits- for all day wear and most night wear, but some dark items are still great for evening wear. And seriously, have you ever seen Giorgio Armani in anything not black?

Stella McCartney (for her own line) says: ditch fur.
Oh, suprise suprise. Didn't we see that coming. For those who don't know, Stella McCartney is an active animal activist. In 2000, she turned down the offer to design for, *gasp*, Gucci, because it would require her to work with leather. Oh, and did we mention she had also made a video against Fur Fashion Week in 1998 together with PeTA. (PeTA is that organisation that does annoying stunts, campaigning for all designers to stop using fur. And gees, why doesn't anyone protest for us to stop using snake skin?) So ya, ditch fur - really, why not? It's going to get hot soon anyways.

Christopher Bailey (for Burberry) says: ditch tights and stockings.
Again, another obvious thing to ditch in the coming season.

Betty Jackson (for her own line) says: ditch pencil skirts.
Pencil skirts are highly boring, old-tradition and extremely unflattering. They have the alarming ability to make you look ten years older than your real age. Wear it at your own risk.

Suzanne Clements (for Clements Ribeiro) says: ditch glitzy embellishment.
If you are thinking 'I thought glitzy was in style', then you are not completely out of trend, yet. This coming season calls for nature-looking accessories, such as wooden and crafty jewelry, as mentioned in earlier posts. So if you have glitzy accessories and clothing you have not yet worn, then wear it now! (While we are still in Fall/Winter 2004!)

Dolce & Gabbana (for their own lines) says: don't ditch anything- it will come back sooner or later.
While there is an element of truth in their wisdom, I must warn readers that this only holds true for people who are filthy rich and have lots of free space to store clothing. If you are a normal person like we are, then you should definately keep the classical-looking items, and all expensive items. Otherwise, give them away to charity shops. Besides, do you really think you would want to wear something that you have owned for fourty years?

January 27, 2005

The Simple Life 3: The Intern

So the much anticipated reality show finally premiered last night, and it was to my opinion, getting a little bit redundant. I mean, people cannot possibly get that stupid and the audience can only take so much fake stupidity. And after two seasons of it, a third season might be stretching it a bit as the novelty and entertaining value of it falls. Photocopying body parts and driving off with a police car is just not as funny anymore. But as followers of fashion, I've always admired the way they wear chanel and other gorgeous items of value to farms and other places of equal dirtiness.

And is it just me, or does Nicole Richie look better this season, now that she has lost her fake, trashy hair extensions and siezed to wear lingeries on the show?

January 26, 2005

Haute Couture Finale

Yes, unfortunately the haute couture show this season is only 3 days, with the absence of the likes of Versace, Ungaro, Balmain and Hanae Mori. Next season we expect the couture numbers to pick up (hopefully). And today, Jean Paul Gaultier, Franck Sorbier, Jean-Louis Scherrer and Elie Saab wrapped up the show with a mix of culture and style.

Jean Paul Gaultier took on an African theme for his collection. The models swept through in oversized afro hairdos, body paint and colorful creations of art. Note the chunky wooden bangles and beaded jewelry Harrod's girl wrote about previously.

And this one especially is a work of art. Notice how the front of the dress is cleverly twisted and pleated to resemble an African mask (Although it would be admittedly a bit scary to bump into that at night).

Franck Sorbier also took on an African theme, albeit in a more flirty and fun kind of way. This show was held at the Lido, where the models were encouraged to dance and have fun on stage in their fun, bold, flirty patterned outfits. Personally she looks more like Heidi from the Swiss Alps to me, although I cannot for the life of me make out what those squiggley things on top of her head is.

Stephane Rolland mixed in some eastern concepts into his designs for Jean-Louis Scherre, offering many richly embroidered caftans. Normally I'm not much of a fan of these kinds of combinations, but I rather like how this one is done. Simple, yet elegant with a hint of culture.

And last but certainly not least, was Lebanese designer, Elie Saab's collection, with colorful playful dresses, which has a distinctive Mediterranean mermaid flair to it. Isn't this golden dress just soo extremely gorgeous and ethereal?

And how about this one? I just love the color of this dress, makes me want to jump into the sea and become a mermaid. As you may have noticed, many of his creations for this collection features a bunch of flowers around the neck.

Haute Couture Day 2

Day two of Haute Couture Week Spring 2005 included shows by Chanel, Christian Lacroix, Laurent Mercier and Ralph Ricci.

Karl Lagerfeld continues the typical lady-like Chanel style in this collection, and is true to its Paris origins. It seems Karl Lagerfeld has decided to turn some models into replica of himself and gave them white hair. While most of the couture collection seems relatively wearable, the makeup is ghost-like and some models were painted with super thick eyebrows. So I would advice you not to zoom into the pictures unless you are mentally prepared. Even though I normally am a big fan of Chanel, this collection was quite disappointing.

The first outfit that was presented. This one is one of the typical Chanel designs. A lot of the models were wearing that hat and those shoes.

This dress was definately refreshing, especially after seeing all the other dresses, (which were white, puffy and lacy.) This one has constrasting colors of gold and black, and the roses are nicely blended into the design.

Christian Lacroix
This Christian Lacroix collection seemed to have an oriental theme. Notice all the models had on Chinese empress-like hats. The dresses were colorful and the whole show was a spectacular one. Barneys Girl and I feel very sorry for Christian Lacroix as his label had just been sold by LVMH to a U.S. investment company. Anyways, here are a few favourites from this collection:

The Lacroix dresses are all beautiful and well deserved the round of applause and 'Bravos' from the audience.

Laurent Mercier
Laurent Mercier is the fashion house which transforms men's fashion into women couture. In this collection, the designer tried to inject a bit more femine appeal to the designs. But obviously, you can still see the male influence.

Although this collection is not as fascinating as the others, the fact Laurent Mercier bothered with the ever diminishing world of haute couture deserves to be appreciated.

Haute Couture Week Spring 2005 Kicks Off

So Haute Couture Week has arrived in Paris, and I'm sure all of you are just breathless in anticipation to see some of these one of a kind works of art. For they are surely works of art more then pieces of clothing, when only 3000 women in the world can afford to wear them. Although some are more artsy then others. So we'll kick off with the wearable haute coutures of the day.

Valentino has created gowns inspired by different countries, from Seville to Hong Kong. And they are truly exquisite creations, one of my favourites collections so far. Here is Naomi Campbell in a gown inspired by Milan.

Butterfly also seems to be making a come back, featured in Valentino. . .

.. . and Stephane Saunier, who is one of the selected 6 designers invited by the French Couture Federation to unveil their collections this week. Aren't these gowns just gorgeous?

As for the true "works of art" (read: not for wearing) there is John Galliano's collection for Dior. And judging from the expression on the model's face, this gown is obviously not for wearing.

Not to be left out, Armani launched his first haute couture collection called "Priye", which is also "works of art". I mean, who would wear that thing on their head in public? Not that there is anything wrong with unwearable clothing. From an aesthetic point of view, they are all masterpieces. Watch out for the rest of the haute couture collections coming out this week by Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel, Christian Lacroix, Jean-Paul Gaultier and various other designers!

January 24, 2005

Happy Birthday, Mischa!

Barneys Girl and I want to say happy birthday to Mischa Barton! It is her 19th birthday today(although she looks more mature than 19.) Both of us love Mischa, whether as an actress or a fashion inspiration. We envy her tall & slim body, and even more so, her expensive, fashion-foward wardrobe. We hope that she will continue to:

  • Attend functions looking effortlessly gorgeous.
  • Walk around town with her boyfriend, Brandon Davis, wearing trendy, casual outfits, and matching them with her typical Chanel bags.
  • Grace magazine covers and editorials in magazines nationwide.
  • Look and smile pretty in The OC. And to successfully act Marrissa Cooper out as the rich, screwed up girl, which we think she is brilliant at.

Mischa in The Golden Globes Award 2005 last weekend.

Mischa and Brandon attending the Mercedes-Benz DesignCure party in Los Angeles in 2004.

Mischa attended a 2004 Oscars party in this light golden dress. Her ankle boots add to the chic-ness of this look.

Mischa taking a morning stroll in Dec. 2004. She is wearing Miss Sixty jeans here. See what I mean by trendy outfits with beautiful bags?

Mischa featured as one of the 100 Most Beautiful Woman in 2004. And indeed, we agree with People magazine.

Mischa in The OC Season 2 Promo photos, wearing a Matthew Williamson Dress.

Mischa spendt her Christmas & New Year holidays in Hawaii with Brandon. Notice that she is wearing a Bohemian Luxe style outfit. The colors are bright and the material is loose and flowing. Of course, being Mischa Barton, there is no saying to how expensive her holiday outfit would cost. But we applaud her for her fabulous fashion sense.

January 23, 2005

Dress Trends Spring / Summer 2005 I

As usual, there is never just one trend each season. The spring/ summer 2005 trends for dress begins with high-waisted, full-length and flowing dresses. The dresses are never plain- they are always adorned by patterns, sequins or other accessories. All of them give out the message of 'casual but luxe', 'pretty without too much effort' and 'can you feel that comfortable, soft summer breeze?' This season, my favourite collections for these type of dresses include Chloe, Marni and Missoni.

by Missoni
I love that this dress has such lively colors and untraditional flowery patterns. The decorations on the V-shape part makes the dress stand out even more.

by Missoni
Another Missoni dress with very vivid colors. The colors flows very nicely with the whole flow of the dress. Notice that both Missoni dresses are so high waisted, that they tighten right under the chest.

by Burberry Prorsum
Do I have to say more about how lovely this flowery dress is?

by Marni
This dress has a basic earth, nature-type color. The constrasting blue waist-belt makes the dress high-waisted also, and the green flower accentuates the nature feel of this look.

by Marni
The metallic dress provides a more modern approach to the basic earth/ nature look. The brown and bronze accessories are definately important to achieve this look.

by Twinkle
This type of cutting of the dress is similar to Chloe's cutting. The pattern gives the dress a slightly ethnic feel.

by Anthropologie
This is just another example of a lovely, pretty dress by Anthroplogie.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Mischa Barton wearing a dress by Chloe in the FOX "White Hot Winter" Network Party. This is one of my favourite dresses this season. The dress has a new approach to a V-cut. The hole in the middle of the dress makes this casual, flowing dress sexy in a non-slutty way. The material is metallic in a comfortable blue tone to give an effortless luxe look. Mischa wearing round-toed shoes allows her whole outfit to look more youthful and less formal, as opposed to the original pointed-shoes that were designed to go with this dress in the fashion show. In the Chloe fashion show, the dress was modelled by my favourite model, Gemma Ward.