October 17, 2006

FW06 Fashion Trend: Long Sweaters

Waking up for school itself is already tiring enough. So to make my mornings more effortless, I've recently been really into wearing grey jeans and a long, thin black V-neck sweater with a grey camisole underneath. Also, thin long sweaters are great for weather like now, ie. when it's not too hot nor cold. So I've decided to look into more long sweaters:

I'm really liking this kind of black sweater. This Vince one isn't as long as the one I have, but it looks simple and easy to wear -just what I need in everyday life.

For those who like the preppy look and want to wear the long sweater look, thick striped sweaters are the way to go. These two are by Lux from Urban Outfitters.

I like how this Alicia + Olivia sweater looks like an artist's colour palette -only in this season's trendiest neutral colours of course.

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Most of the sweaters I've chosen are quite minimalistic. For those of you who want something slightly more interesting and more street-casual, this L.A.M.B. cashemere pullover is a fantastic choice.

Short sleeves, chunky sweaters are part of this season's look. PersonallyI think they're hard to pull off and not entirely practical, but if you like this one, it's by Larok.

And if you want a more structured look, then accessorize with a belt, or even get a sweater that has a built-in belt, like this Sienna sweater by French Connection.

These two Top Shop sweaters are SO great -totally practical and I like the cuffed sleeve details. Available in two of this season's hottest colours: grey and dark blue.

Vince has a LOT of choices this season, so if you're looking into buying a sweater, check Vince out. These two cable knits look so comfortable. And if you look carefully, they have bell-sleeves, which is a feature commonly seen in this season's sweaters.

Most of these sweaters can be found on shopbop.com.

Just a few tips:
- PLEASE wear them with jeans skinny or straight-leg jeans. Do NOT wear them with only leggings -save them for sweater dresses.
- The sweater should end at about the widest part of your hips as seen in the picture directly above. Any longer would just make you look short.


Anonymous EMMA W said...

OMG! I AM IN LOOOOVEE WITH LONG SWEATERS! I was one step ahead and already bought one in the summer!

10/17/2006 10:21 AM  
Blogger alluretone said...

i am in lovee with the gray Vince sweater with th bell-sleeves! definately will be buying that one.

10/17/2006 11:02 AM  
Blogger Touche19 said...

I absolutely adore long sweaters!!! I wouldn;t survive without them. I'm especially in love with the Alicia + Olivia one. Soooooo cute.
Love the blog bee tee dub

10/17/2006 11:36 AM  
Blogger fashion.faux.pas said...

sweaters are where its at!!

10/17/2006 2:04 PM  
Blogger Barneys Girl said...

I WANT those Vince cable knit sweaters!!

10/17/2006 2:18 PM  
Blogger Sophia said...

the alicia + olivia one is really cute. and it looks SOOOOOO expensive! =)

10/17/2006 3:17 PM  
Blogger Stiletto said...

Alicia and Olivia... Doing things right! Love it...

10/17/2006 7:52 PM  
Blogger Viva Las Divas said...

Long sweaters are basically my only winter clothes until I get around to going new wardrobe shopping. Love em.

10/18/2006 12:30 AM  
Blogger Frapp said...

I can rarely wear long jumpers, either their too clingy and they make me look chubby or their too long and they make me look short! But I DO love the ones by Larok and Vince, their perfect! Not too long, and not very clingy.

10/18/2006 2:01 AM  
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10/18/2006 2:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A while back you posted about a beautiful cropped Nickel jacket. I was browsing through Neimans today and found the jacket on clearance for 117!


10/18/2006 10:17 AM  
Blogger Tisheenyu said...

I love this sweater!

10/22/2006 1:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it okay to wear those flat shoes with skinny jeans and long sweaters? Do you need to wear boots? I'm 29 and am thinking that if I put on boots I'll cross the line from cool to just plain stupid.

12/27/2008 4:26 AM  
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9/24/2009 7:07 PM  
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Blogger Eric said...

I think the long sweaters look fantastic over a pair of leggings or skinny jeans. Pair with some boots and you have the perfect winter outfit!

4/24/2010 2:29 AM  
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