January 18, 2005

My New Buys & Other Golden Notables

Sales are everywhere! And it is a most exciting thing for fashion-holics like moi. So I speed-walked to Covent Garden, and started my shopping spree. I got two tops in H&M for 10 pounds total! Got a cool, disco-like, long-sleeve, black turtleneck from Miss Sixty for 17.5 pounds. Lastly, got this from Urban Outfitters for 28 pounds. This shirt is by Miriam Ocariz. Her designs are actually quite cool. Go check them out at www.miriamocariz.com.

My day instantly brightened up after buying so many 50% off beautiful item. The amount of endorphins shopping sprees give to fashion-holics is unbelievable.

I found some other dresses I thought were quite pretty from the Golden Awards after-parties.

Nicky Hilton, showing that she does not only wear the LA style.

Katie Holmes, looking naturally beautiful as usual.
Notice that they are also wearing white, (or near white shades.)


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