January 14, 2005

Prince Harry's Fashion-Faux

*Gasp* Someone topped Nicolette Sheridan and Serena Williams on the worst dressed list?

This impossible task was achieved by UK's grown-up-but-still-rebelious Prince Harry. I am most definately NOT saying that Prince Harry should have worn that outfit, (so please do not send me hate mails,) but I really do not think that Prince Harry meant to offend anyone. Sky.com (a UK TV News station)'s online survey results show that most people think that the Prince's choice was just 'harmless fun.'

I mean, come on, the Prince only graduated with two A-levels, (one B & one D btw.) Do you really think that he puts much thought into his outfit choices? The Prince definately needs to learn to be more responsible for his choices, but think of how boring the Royal Family would be without Harry. (Have you noticed how many times the word 'Prince' had been used in this entry? I just can not resist using 'Prince, Prince, Prince.')

Note: .This blog's authors are not commenting on any political or religious related items. We are NOT taking any responsibility if you somehow feel offended, (because we do not intend to offend.) We are only commenting on the fashion-related items.


Blogger Unknown said...

It was a Colonial - Tribal themed party. In the good old times it would be cowboys and indians....

1/14/2005 10:12 AM  
Blogger Petra said...

The British press absolutely LOVE these stories of our Prince. Harry should know better (i.e. he's intelligent enough to understand that these news will get a lot of attention. Perhaps that's what he's trying to achieve..?)

1/14/2005 1:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This brings back a memory of Halloween from years ago.
My brother thought it would be FUNNY to dress as Hitler and go door to door for Halloween like that, even though he is in NO WAY sympathetic to that kind of philosophy.

My sis and I, try as we might, could not get him to re-consider, as he was a teenage boy at the time.
We felt much concern for any of the old ladies on our block, but couldn't help chuckle a little at the idea.
Maybe it reminded us a bit of Charlie Chaplin-esque humor?

Still..bad bad choice for someone to do in public. Not a funny joke really, considering how many people have very real and traumatic memories concerning the Nazis.
But, I could also understand that he didn't think too much about that aspect...sometimes the boys just don't think!!

Ames (http://9moonsago.com)

1/26/2005 9:03 AM  
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