May 31, 2005

Trina Turk

In magazines, on the net, out in the shops, one cannot help but notice Trina Turk. We ourselves have featured clothing by her in Fashion Geometry and on Mischa Barton in the OC Fashion Finale. I'm sure that many of you, like me, have wondered just WHO and WHAT this brand is all about. And so I went online and did some research. Here's what I've gathered:

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Trina Turk is a west coast native who was named California Designer of the Year in 1998. She started out designing jeans for Brittania and juniors for OP, but after years of hard work her brand is now sold in Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and Saks Fifth to name a few in addition to two seperate stores in Palm Springs and LA. Influenced by her Japanese mother, her designs incorporates simple Asian elegance and lots of prints, adding a contemporary twist on lady chic. And we can definitely see this in the pictures above, the blazer and the jacet. . . . Here are some more of her designs:

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Is she not simple GENIUS?? Are these not the most BEEEEAUTIFUL things ever?? It is no wonder that so many celebrities have been seen in Trina Turk, including Halle Berry, Gwen Stefani, Kate Moss, Natalie Portman, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Anniston . . . and the list goes on.

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And should you live in or pass by Palm Spring or . . . ..

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. . . .LA you simply MUST go visit the store. The interior designing of Trina Turk stores are just too cool for words! Learn more about Trina Turk at her website (which btw is absolutely fabulous containing all the pictures and information that you'll ever need).

Memorial Day Holiday

Happy Memorial Day everyone! With all the Memorial Day sales going on . . . everywhere- Barneys Girl is out shopping (naturally)! Harrods Girl is still studying for her exams in London (the poor girl). And so we encourage you all to follow Barneys Girl's lead and go shopping today and enjoy all the fabulous sales out there!

And for those of you that are home and cannot go shopping, we leave you with these gorgeous floral Manolo's to dream about.

May 28, 2005

Top Ten Outlet Tips

This weekend is Memorial Weekend! And since I slept through the post Thanksgiving sales (I didn't KNOW!!) I am not about to miss this one. Things are going to be at an all time low, and where to go then to an outlet right? Here are a few tips I picked up the last (and first!!) time I went to the outlets.

Top Ten Tips for outlet shoppers:
  1. Outlets are very far and you want to know someone with a car-otherwise the time needed to get there can be very dampening on the spirit
  2. Outlets are usually outdoors, even though they're called an Outlet mall and in any normal people would inspire an image of an indoor mall. So bring a lightweight jacket (lightweight so as to not get in the way of shopping)
  3. Outlets are rather big and require walking. And people tend to buy a lot of things, so minimize amount of carry on to your keys and wallet-maybe some water (but there's always the foodcourt. . ) so as to maximise the shopping bags you can hold at one time and wear comfortable slides (so you can try on shoes quicker!
  4. Not all shops in outlets malls are outlets and sell items cheaper then normal. You must look carefully at prices and make you own judgement. Most of the times they have tags saying price before and "our price" so you know its cheaper, but sometimes your not so lucky. An example of this would be the PacSun and the Miss Sixty/Energie shop.
  5. In outlet stores, when you see something you like, you must grab and hold onto them, even if your not sure if you want to buy them or not. Because there are competitive shoppers around who has the eye of an eagle, and before you know it, its gone! This also applies to places like Filene's Basement as well. . . . . esp when your a size small. In the event of undecision, ask and see if they can hold it for you for an hour or two
  6. In the event of a huge confused queuing system, you are not supposed to ask people around if they're in the line or not. Just barge right in as if you were always there, and hope no one noticed.
  7. Do not wear expensive branded items to outlet shopping. They will just appear incomparable against the super cheap items on sale and make you miss out on a super bargain like a pair of $40 Guess Jeans, which you can wear anywhere, mess around in, get dirty and you wouldn't feel too sad about it when they expire.
  8. Classical pieces like v necked sweaters and turtlenecks are timeless. Go for it, buy loads! They are easy to match with, warm, never out of style and will last for ages (esp those from Gap). And you can just stick it into the washing machine without a second thought.
  9. Allocate a whole day to shop, so as to ensure that you have the chance to do a double check around and time to think all that you've seen to ensure that you have no regrets and have not missed out on a great bargain-esp since getting there without a car is so difficult, you'd want to maximise this shopping experience.
  10. The price marked on the item in a shop is not always the actual cost of the item. And here are 3 reasons why:
  • In America there is always the stupid sales tax designed to dampen your aggregate demand to cool down the overheating economy. And this applies to outlet malls as well despite it being in the middle of nowhere (although the tax rates are usually lower), so mark the price about 10% up.i.e. a 30% off sale is in fact only a 20% off sale.(this is all except for Philly which is tax free for both food and cloting-as it should be)
  • Some shops are just not bothered to label everything, especially outlet shops. So you just have to read the signs hanging around the store that gives additional sales sometimes. Like the red labelled items being an extra 20% off or some shit like that. OR they just shout it out, so keep eyes AND ears open.
  • Lastly, its so messed up around there that some things are simply labelled incorrectly. So you'll just have to ask around and test your luck. Like my adorable sky blue adidas track pants, which I loved so much I was willing to pay $32 for, but was lucky enough at the cashier to get them for $19.

Happy Memorial Weekend everyone!

May 27, 2005

White Hot Summer

Just in case you missed it, I wanted to very much stress the other very hot color this season: white. Apart from being naturally a summer staple, the catwalks this season has had an extraordinary amount of it-so much that it has been blinding.

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Ralph Lauren, Donna Karen, Tommy Hilfiger and Zac Posen just to name a few. Here are some of our top picks for a white hot summer:

Image hosted by
Armani Exchange white blazer. This is it. This is going to be mine. . . .

Image hosted by
Pretty white cami from Urban Outfitters to match with absolutely ANYTHING.

Image hosted by
Long Free People skirt. It doesn't look so good here in this image, but check it out properly on its site. Its is absolultely gooorgeous!

Image hosted by
Armani Exchange pleated white mini skirt. These are just SOOOO adorably cute!!

Image hosted by
This Marc Jacobs bag is my summer love. I've been staring at it and holding it everytime I bump into it while shopping. Sigh. . .

Image hosted by

Match them with these very delectable white wedges from Marc by Marc Jacobs. . and I'm all set to go!

May 26, 2005

The Desperate Housewives Fashion: Eva Longoria

And how can we forget Gabrielle Solis, the ex-model who had an affair with her hot gardener John, played by Eva Longoria. She is by far the most entertaining housewife of all. You just gotta love her for that. And her style is just very glam and sexy.

I think this picture is the best example of what I meant when I said her style was very glam and sexy.

Outside the courtroom in a very vibrant and alluring red (or whatever color that is) blazer.

Looking very proud for stealing the portable bathroom from the construction site, in a pink Juicy set. And Juicy is nothing if not sexy and sporty right?

At her husband's"leaving" party having discovered that she was pregnant, in a very cute pastel strapless summer dress.

Strutting her stuff on the catwalk, still looking very sexy and glam.

Having recently been voted People's 25 Most Beautiful People, she looks great off screen too. Although in a different style then her on screen character. Like here at the ABC upfront Party, looking elegant and glam in this simple white dress.

Although I guess everyone makes mistakes when their personal stylist is not around. Here at the 7th Annual Young Hollywood Awards, she looks slightly disproportional.

And here at the Star Wars Premier at the Cannes movie festival. Not exactly the most flattering dress.

The sexy and glam ex model desperate housewife shops at. . . Neiman Marcus, albeit in a slightly different department then Bree.

May 25, 2005

The Desperate Housewives Fashion: Marcia Cross

Ah. . Bree Van De Kamp, the scaringly perfect housewife, played by Marcia Cross. She is my absolute favourite housewife! Probably because she resembles my favourite Sex and the City character Charlotte and because she is super organised-like me! And out of all the desperate housewives, I also love her style the best-the American country club, preppy, prim, feminine and ladylike style. Here are some of my favs:

Image hosted by

Waiting to see her son at the correction camp in a very elegant suit with matching pearls.

Image hosted by

Chaperoning the school dance in a very Theory cardigan.

Image hosted by

Doing LAUNDRY in pearls and a Cynthia Steffe ruffled collared cashmere sweater. WHO looks so neat and wears pearls doing laundry? And WHO has hair THAT perfect doing housework? Going out at events and such I understand. But at home doing housework?? If only that can be achieved in real life.

Image hosted by

Walking stylishly along Wisteria Lane. That is just a very chic outfit.

Image hosted by

Going on a date with the pharmist looking very classy and ladylike.

Image hosted by

Walking down the runway in a distinctly feminine strapless pink dress. Although I must say, those weird ruffles are not working for me.

Image hosted by

Off the screen, Marcia Cross's style is not quite as perfect. Like this dress she wore to the ABC upfront party. WHAT was she thinking? I don't know if its just that I'm not used to seeing her like this, or whether she is just looking downright trashy.

Image hosted by

At times her style picks up again. Like here at the 7th Annual Young Hollywood Awards. Although different from her on screen look, this simple and young outfit definitely has a distinctive style to it. And lets not forget her really rather lovely and elegant Vuitton dress from the Costume Institute Gala Fashion 2005.

Image hosted by Image hosted by

And sometimes. . . I just don't know what to think. You tell me. .

The Too perfect desperate housewife shops at Neiman Marcus, where else?

May 24, 2005

The Desperate Houeswives Fashion: Felicity Huffman

Lynette Scavo, the career woman turned housewife to 4 kids played, by Felicity Huffman. I got to admit, she's not exactly the most fashionable housewife out there. Her style is usually VERY housewife casual and practical (and I guess really rather realistic. I mean, what woman can look amazingly stylish with not one, not two, but FOUR kids AND a household?) But she has her moments.

Image hosted by

Looking down at Wisteria Lane during a precious peaceful moment at her household, in a printed blouse and shirt. That printed shirt is actually not bad. Definitely one of her better housewife moments.

Image hosted by

Looking pretty good in this spaghetti strap. But of course, everyone's got to look good when confronting a potential threat to their marriage.

Image hosted by

Remnants of her uprising executive days I'm sure. Not exactly very flattering or stylish really.

Image hosted by

Looking slightly elegant in this poofy strapless dress, although a bit weighed down.

Image hosted by

Out of her role, her fashion still isn't exactly very up to par. Here she is in a decidedly unflattering yellow dress that makes her look fat (esp around the waist) at the 16ths Annual GLAAD Media Awards.

Image hosted by

At the ABC upfront party. This dress is definitely much more flattering and kind of pretty. . . but in a suburbia kind of way.

The career woman turn desperate housewife with four kids shops at. . . Gap, what better shop for simple and comfortable clothes, AND an one stop shop for your kids as well!. . . Although perhaps she will need to shop at somewhere more sophisticated next season?

May 23, 2005

The Desperate Housewives Fashion: Teri Hatcher

So the first season of the Desperate Housewives has just come to an end yesterday. And wow the finale was super exciting and sad at the same time! I can't believe they left us hanging like that (just like the OC!)!!!Is anyone else suprised that this show about housewives in a nice little neighborhood turned out to be such a big hit? I am. But I can see the resemblance this show has to the other great show of our time-Sex and the City-except in a suburban environment of course. And like all great shows, there is great fashion. So this week, we are going to take a look at the Desperate Housewives Fashion!

So we're starting off with the "Carrie" of the group, Susan Mayer the young divorcee and single mom played by Teri Hatcher. Being the rather clumsy, die-hard-for-love, more like a teenager than her teenage daughter mom that she is, Susan's fashion is mostly very young, casual and simple.

Image hosted by

Susan in a cute Free People sweater. This sweater is soo young and casual in fact that both Harrods Girl and I each own one-in a different color.

Image hosted by

Sneaking around Paul's house in a very simple Velvet yurico top.

Image hosted by

Looking much more like a mom, in a sweater also by Velvet, at her daughter's school dance.

Image hosted by

At the showing wearing a white gown that looks . . . decidely prom like/wedding like I am not sure which. But still, you got to admit that its a pretty outfit, not glam but pretty, despite her slightly disgruntled expression and her later . . mishap with the dress.
Image hosted by

In real life, Teri Hatcher still wears very young outfits, but defintely much more interesting then what she wears on the show. Like this very LA outfit she wore to Disneyland's 50th Anniversary Party.

Image hosted by

And the real Teri Hatcher definitely knows how to glam it up properly when the occasion calls for it. This is quite a flattering and elegant blue dress she wore to the Laureus World Sports Awards.

Young Hip Desperate Housewife shops at. . . Urbanoutfitters and Free People.