July 13, 2005

Haute Couture FW05 Day 3

So technically Chanel was on Day 2, but it doesn't matter. Karl Lagerfeld sent all the girls out wrapped in big black cloacks and coats, then opened that outer layer up to reveal the Chanel pieces.

Through Lagerfeld's creative mind, even the black coats serve a purpose: some black coats have designs inside as shown on the left (the pink strips,) and also serve as a black background for the clothes to standout. (Not to mention Chanel can make a small fortune selling those coats.) The pink dress suit on the left is quite typically Chanel, but I do love the puffy twist to the Chanel skirt on the right.
And what is a Chanel show without its black dresses. The couture dresses once again show the Chanel elegance mixed with Lagerfeld's 'rock chic' style. Lagerfeld seemed to favour puffiness for this collection.
The yellow dress on the left is one of the most geometically-genius and yet still ugliest piece in this collection. Does is not remind you of an octopus? On the other hand, I absolutely adore the pink dress on the right. The proportions are so unique and the details are wonderful (like the lovely lacy straps.) The whole dress with the ribbon makes the model look like a wrapped present.
Anne Valerie Hash
Hash presented the most uncouture-like couture show: there were no extravagant puffy dresses or heavily made-up faces. Models walked out in relatively casual light clothes, and all the pieces were ultra-femine, romantic and light-hearted.

All the pieces were very modern Victorian-influenced with a touch of Chloe (and a pair of ballet shoes.) Such a casually pretty show.
Elie Saab
The Saab show looked too much like a prom/ formal dress catalogue for my liking. There were too many dresses with little variety. But there are a few designs worth admiring:
Isn't that red dress so beautifully cut?
See what I mean? The dresses are all sort of mono-themed -not quite exciting.
In my opinion the most beautiful wedding dress from all the couture shows this season. I wonder which wedding dress Christina Aguilera picked at the end.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh wow, the chanel show was gorgeous! but can they really sell those black coats? coz i glimpsed at one of them and they looked like something out of star wars. And I love the Elie Saab collection. The cutting is just exquisite!

7/13/2005 7:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i love the chanel suits! each has a totally different feeling, but both are modest, feminine, and decidedly retro. the suit on the left for business or lunching; the outfit on the right for a special occasion... you're set! thank you chanel !!!!!

7/13/2005 9:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The wool suits were my favorite. They were streamlined with beautiful seamage.

7/14/2005 2:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Elie Saab collection is beautiful, but far from Haute Couture. They were definately prom/ball gowns. I think the everyone's collections were average this year, what happened to the lavish, intricate detailling of previous haute couture shows? This year is just plain boring in my opinion!

7/14/2005 11:14 AM  
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