March 26, 2006

Light Packing

So I just came back from an absolutely fantabulous Spring Break in the UK and am currently unpacking all my stuff in my new pad. Man do I have a lot of stuff-10 boxes, 3 suitcases + miscellaneous stuff like the microwave. I definitely do not live lightly. Even when I travel. I had a heck of a time packing going to London, everything seemed essential. Travel blanket, high heels, pointy ankle boots, flats, loafers, sneakers, blazer, 2 pairs of jeans, dress, jackets, tops, sweaters, bags. . . and this doesn't even include my very extensive toiletry essentials. This basically summed up to one big suitcase barely under the weight limit of 50KG. But I DID try. I even took out my laptop!

So yes, not very successful. However I did manage to pack lightly on my short overnight trips to Oxford and Nottingham. I managed to fit it all into my little Prada travel bag. This bag has been a great investment. I use it all the time for travelling, because I can pack it up to the max and be confident that it won't break on me.

It consisted of: pajamas, party top, toothbrush, eye cream, face cream, concealer pen, contacts case, contact solution, eye liner (for the instant night time look), shades, water, paperback, glasses and my party bag. It was still mega heavy and all, but at least it all fit. Although it does make me wonder, what does everyone else pack for an overnight stay? Why does everyone else's bags always look so much smaller and lighter than mine?


Blogger Rebecca Lander said...

that's a great prada bag! how much was it?

3/27/2006 3:55 AM  
Blogger Danielle said...

Hey, I totally understand what you mean about packing!

3/27/2006 4:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

high heels, pointy ankle boots, flats, loafers, sneakers ...that's my problem, too...too bad there isn't a shoe that looks great with every outfit!

3/27/2006 8:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello girls, i have been a hug fan of your blog for a long time. and i just found out i am heading to hongkong for a shopping trip in two weeks! any suggestions of where to shop will be great!

3/27/2006 11:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i just try to pack 1 pair of jeans, 1 pair of good-looking heels (that will match with everything, maybe a nude colored pointy heels), a great jacket and lacy camisole to wear underneath! and just essential toiletries!

i know, it's very hard to pack light!

3/28/2006 12:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I pack a pair of jeans, a top, undies, essential toiletries, & basic makeup in my slim & small makeup case. That's it for an overnighter!

3/28/2006 1:12 AM  
Blogger Siena said...

simple. remember the old adage when travelling to London: no brown in town
a week-long early Spring trip to london:
10 pairs undies
1 bra in white
1 bra in black
1 strapless bra in nude
1 pair nude fishnets
1 pair black fishnets
8 pairs black trouser socks
black Theory pant suit
matching black Theory skirt
dark-rinse AG jeans
2 crisp Thomas Pink poplin buttondowns
black Hugo Boss jersey turtleneck
2 random party tops
1 white camisol / tank
1 black camisol / tank
grey cashmere v. neck
black Loeffler Randall flat boots
black pointy sigersons heels
black Delman ballerina flats
black APC trench
black prada doctor's bag
clear nail polish (so you don't have to worry about chipping!)
Lancome L'extreme Mascara
Nars all-in-one
Chanel hydrabase lipstick in Shanghai Red
Chanel Le Crayon Khol in black
Cetaphil face cleanser and moisturizer
Kerastase shampoo, conditioner and lait Nutri-Sculpt

In carry-on:
Toms of Maine Toothpaste
Johnson's & Johnson's baby lotion
extra contacts, case and solution
1 lass-mag (jane / vogue)
1 reputable mag (the economist)
passport / wallet
bottled water (keep hydrated!)

And we're good to go...

3/28/2006 6:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh my

3/28/2006 8:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah wow. I just spent two weeks in Northern England in winter (never again, let me tell ya), and I made it with two pairs of shoes. I had a pair of sleek black boots that were perfect for walking in the rain on cobbled streets (oy) and a pair of cute Clarks that were mildly dressy but still good for walking. And I never wore the Clarks. I should have packed a pair of dressy heels. But I have learned that packing light means EASY ON THE SHOES. I am not as into the nightlife as many, but I have often gotten away with one pair of good walking shoes and one dressy pair of shoes for long trips. You just need to learn to edit! The more I travel the less I worry about being dressed to the nines and the more I consider where I will be going.

3/28/2006 8:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I once travelled from london to New Zealand with partner and one small child and over 200kg of lugguge!!! When we got to our destination and opened up the suitcases they just seemed to be full of soft toys.

3/28/2006 10:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh my.. i was in london/paris for total of 10 days and i only have a lesportsac big weekend bag with me. and for some clothes i didnt even need!

3/28/2006 9:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's the exact name of this particular Prada bag...and can you remember how much you paid for it? It's very stylish in a practical way...I'm thinking of getting one since I travel quite a bit..

4/01/2006 2:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For an overnight?
a sweater or other top
darkwash jeans or khakis
2 thongs
a bra
Cetaphil- moisturiser and cleanser
Shampoo and conditioner
Turban hair towel

1/06/2008 11:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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