October 18, 2006

FW06: Bags to Watch out for!

Recently, I've been on the look out for the latest bags and checking out their potentials. Here's what I think.

I absolutely LOVED the Chloe Betty bag in the medium size. Unfortunately, that size was last season and now they only have it with this really heavy chain, which does not look as nice. Not to mention they are extremely painful for the shoulders! For the normals ones (shown left in this lovely soft grey shade) they only have it in extremely large or small ones- at least thats what I've seen so far in the stores. But moving on to this season, they are promoting the Tracy bag (the one in all the ads- right). Although personally its a little too sharp around the edges for my aesthetics.
The next bag that caught my attention was this leather Prada bag (left). The look is so old school, cool and sophisticated. Plus, its just the right size to hold everything in without being bulky. For something a little different, there is also this suede Prada tote that can also be worn on the shoulder.

Then of course, there are the Miu Miu napa coffer bags in that really pretty ad this season. I've seen people use it a few times and it looked very nice. Although I like the scamosciato old satchel bag better. In real life, it is much softer than it is portrayed here, with bows on the side and a strap so then it can be worn as a shoulder bag as well. LOVE this bag.

And of course one must not forget the Dior gaucho saddle bag. I quite like this combination of their two bags, but alas, unlike the above designs which are more or less classics, this one is so distinctively this season that I'm afraid it will not make a very good investment.

Also worth taking a note of are these bags from the Burberry icon collection. Different from their usual bags, they are more subtly Burberry and oh-so-cute!


Blogger Sophia said...

im a sucker for leather bags (and everything leather actually)! the prada one is so beautiful - its leather and its a little slouchy. me likey! and i agree that the dior gaucho is a "fad" bag. i dont like it one bit! when i go shopping for bags i always ask myself one question "do i see myself carrying the same bag 3 years later?" - if the answer is no, i'll give the bag the flick. the prada and miu miu ones will make a good investment imho =)

10/18/2006 6:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How come u have not got a rss feed for the site?

10/19/2006 12:16 AM  
Anonymous vanessa said...

I like the last two bags, i have a question.....if you buy new bags every season then how many bags do you have so far? and what do you nomally do with the old ones? sell them, just keep them in the closet? I don't know, at the moment i don't have the money to buy trend setting bags every season but even if i did i would probably not follow the trend thing so much.

10/19/2006 1:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Has anyone come across any nice lap top bags? I am planning on buying the black macbook and am looking for something that doesnt look like i am planning on hiking to the top of a mountain. lol. I need something professional but i still want it to look nice when im not in my corporate attire, having a heck of a time! Any ideas?

10/19/2006 3:14 AM  
Blogger fashion.faux.pas said...

Love the prada and miu miu bags. The burberry bags do less than nothing for me.

10/19/2006 5:40 AM  
Blogger Touche19 said...

Chloe always has the most adorable bags ever
I'm also diggin the Prada ones

10/19/2006 6:38 AM  
Anonymous eclair said...

i'm in love with the prada, and the miu miu on the right. as for the gaucho, i've always hated anything dior and this is no exception. dior just seems tacky to me. It would be a nice bag if it was just a little more subtle somehow... the burberrys are kind of cute but really, all I like of theirs is the trench... yup, it's the prada for me. *drools*

10/19/2006 4:36 PM  
Anonymous divashop said...

To the anonymous reader requesting an
rss feed, I Am Fashion's feed is:
Hope this helps!

10/20/2006 2:02 AM  
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