July 31, 2005

In celebration of. . .

Yesterday was my last day of work for my summer internship-FINALLY! So naturally I am going to celebrate and go shopping today and then I am going to party it up all night! So to kick off the celebration of the end of my internship, I did some virtual shopping on Saks! Here is what I WOULD like to get with my first pay check:

Small white shoulder bag by Marc Jacobs. Perfect for me to go partying with tonight!

Simply LOVE these Prada heels!

In preparation for the coming fall/winter, this embroidered Miu Miu bag is excellent. It can fit everything AND its absolutely gorgeous!

These Miu Miu suede flats are a brilliant match for this bag too!

And one must not forget a pair of sexy ankle boots for the coming season right? These ones, by Brian Atwood are just great!

But alas, my measley earnings as an intern cannot afford me such luxury. I shall report back when I finally DO buy something with my paycheck-oh and tell you all about my intership ofcourse. Anyhoo I'm off to celebrate now, ciao!

July 29, 2005

A Nice Little Dinner Party

Ever since watching various tv shows like Gilmore Girls, the OC, and maybe even Desperate Housewives, I've been inspired to throw a fabulous dinner party. OK, so it's not the dinner that I care much about, but the beautiful clothes everyone wears to such dinners that inspired me. And so I did.

A few weeks back, I threw one for my closest high school friends. I used girly invitations from the Stila cosmetics website, (which didn't get sent properly,) and insisted that everyone should dress nicely. (Barneys Girl was very pleased as she loves taking and being in photos.) My sister and househelper made delicious food and I bought a chocolate truffle cake.

Here is the food: We forgot to take photos of the main course, which was tomato basil angel hair, Itlian palmer ham & chicken fillet and rosemary potato wedges.
Tomato Bruschetta
Vinegar Salad
Chocolate Truffle Cake

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
What Barneys Girl wore: so colorful and eye-catching. She bought it in Seibu (a smaller version of Bloomingdale); by a brand called Mint.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
What I wore: slightly crochet fabric and the top bit has a wonderful cutting. I bought it at the Harrods Summer Sale; by Marc by Marc Jacobs.
This dinner party was definately much more lady-like and sophisticated than the normal house parties that we used to do. Wow, maybe we're actually maturing and growing more sophisticated and possibly more snobby.

July 28, 2005

Chanel (Metropolitan Museum of Art Publications)

Now this is my type of literature: Chanel (the Metropolitan Museum of Art Publications version). It was just lying around on the desk, and being the Chanel devotee that I am (seriously, remember this?), ofcourse I couldn't resist but take a peek . . . . .

I liked how they showed pictures of old vintage Chanel designs. It just struck me how I would not have guessed that these were designed many decades ago, because I would so totally wear them!

But for most of the part I was not very impressed by the book and the contents itself. They spend pages and pages devoted to writing about Chanel and her designs in the most long winded way possible! I wish they just had short meaningful words underlining and explaining the pictures! But anyway, if you have a chance and u love Chanel (or are really bored) do flick through it and decipher the meaning within.

July 27, 2005

Preview the Fashion Mood for Fall/ Winter 05

After a world-trotting boho themed summer, the fashion industry continues to move us into a world-trotting winter. But this time, instead of using summery themed prints like ethnic Africa and safari, we wear cold country's clothes. Think of the old and cold Russian and English type of prints.

What does this mean? For the Russian: Expect imperial, well tailored clothing; fur-trimmed collars and sleeves; and serious opulent embroideries. The mood is much colder -not only in the sense of temperature, but the feeling, like it's void of emotion with a serious luxurious feel.

The ultra-furry Russian hat: Anna Sui and Dolce & Gabbana
The opulent embroderies: Miu Miu and Roberto Cavalli
The cold, imperial coats: Giorgio Armani and J.Mendal

For the English: This means a whole lot of designs, including the monochrome 60s, 'heritage' sweaters and Victorian designs. A lot of these designs also tend toward the 'cold' factor -very obviously different from the fun boho mood this summer. Here's a few inspiration for the various English looks:

Heritage: Paul Smith and Chanel
Monochrome 60s: Christian Dior and Chanel
Victorian Lady: Chloe and Jean Paul Gaultier

July 26, 2005

Havaiana Flip Flops

Random conversation I overheard:
Parisian Designer: I got these really cheap for $20 in New York! Aren't they wonderful? So comfortable!
Brazilian Model: Yes they're awesome! And they're even cheaper in Brazil! They're just a few dollars.

Excerpt of email from a friend in Sydney:
. . And I really need to get Havaianas filp flops! They're SO popular here. Everyone is wearing them-and its WINTER here!! . . .

I know Havaianas have been around forever and all the celebrities have been spotted wearing it, but I STILL don't understand what so great about these special brazilian brand of flip flops!

I've looked at it from many different angles and I STILL cannot differentiate between a pair of Havaianas and a normal pair of flip flops-besides the words "Havaianas" ofcourse (and the funky graphics courtesy of www.havaianas.com). Don't get me wrong, they're perfect for the beach, I esp love the extra height it gives u. I just don't get what all this fuss I've been hearing is all about! Do enlighten me.

Le Sportsac Remix for Fall 2005

Remember Le Sportsac? It's the bag company that made the first LAMB bag series. Even though Le Sportsac doesn't produce the LAMB bags anymore, it started a similar concept sort of bags, the Remix Collection. We quite liked the Spring/ Summer 05 collection, in which Barneys Girl bought a white/gold one. And we were quite looking foward to see the Fall collection.

To be honest, I am not overly impressed with the new collection. Do the designers not know that street-like designs such as graffitis haven't been in style for the past few years? And even though the charm on the bag can also serve as a charm braclet, it's not making me excited. As if I would even wear that as a braclet.

The graffiti pattern also comes in this platiunum color. I like this color more because it makes the graffiti less obnoxious. But there is the problem that if you don't look at the bag closely, it just looks like you're carrying a messy grey blob.

This bag (called Goa) is one of the new shapes in the collection. I don't really like the buckle, but the black nylon with the black leather does give it a certain touch of elegance. It is suitable for maybe like a casual dinner out in the neighbourhood, (but do not bring it to an expensive restaurant!)

This is my favourite bag from this collection. I can see myself holding it to a nice dinner and then clubbing. Why? This new color called Moonbeam ("a feminie lilac",) looks like it will be perfect for the ever-changing lighting inside clubs. I can imagine the bag reflecting the light. I can't wait to check it out in real life so I can decide whether to buy it or not.

July 23, 2005

Dior Fall 2005

If you've bought the latest issue of any fashion magazine, you would know that a bunch of next season's campaigns are starting to appear. The one that caught my eyes (probably because it is one of the only bright-colored fall ads,) is the new Dior ad, staring Kate Moss.

Kate's eyes look sort of weird -maybe too much airbrushing was done by the Dior creative team. But people, take note of the coat. This season, coats like this -the natural country-feel with the white warm fuzzy bits showing up at the sleeves and collars -are very 'in'.

On top of the new campaign, a series of new Dior logo bags are out, called Romantique.

I really do quite like these bags. They seem perfect to go with so many of this FW's outfits. And if you stare at these bags for awhile, you really do get that 'Romantique' feel. Those ribbons and flowers although ordinary, really do add a special touch of elegance that Dior sometimes lack. The image of a lady carrying this bag in a classical walking-in-an-old-beautiful-European-town-scene comes in mind, (which at the end she bumps into a good-looking guy of course.)

For once, Dior logo bags that don't look over-cliche -I'm definately checking them out once they hit stores.

July 22, 2005

The Shopping Bag

It seems to me that the "shopping" bag -read flat long rectangular bag-is quite the thing this season. Especially this one:

Mom was very happy when she got her hands on it at the Mag Mile Vuitton 1 hour before we boarded the plane. She had seen many local starlets using it. And she was correct. I see a lot of people in the streets using this bag.

At my mom's behest I myself got this shopping bag from YSL. I had a hard time choosing between the white one and this one. The white one is real cute, but alas like my white Le Sportsac tote it'll probably get dirty very fast. So I settled for this black classical one. I do so love it, since it matches with everything. Aren't these shopping bags mega adorable and oh-so-timeless?-well mine is anyway. Furthermore, it seems to me that it is everywhere this season. Why, I myself unwittinly blogged about one last week when I was talking about Balenciaga bags!

And the other day I saw one at Escada as well! This one is fun too! Its roll-up-able!! LOL

I really like this sort of "patched" up one from Accessorize as well. Its just so casual and vintage looking (even though its from Accessorize).

A word of warning to everyone-while these shopping bags are all that is cute and adorable, because of its flat this bag was not designed to hold a lot of stuff. So PLEASE do not overstuff these bags making them lumpy and shapeless. It is an eye sore for observers and discredits a perfectly nice bag. I witnessed this tragedy happen to that Vuitton I showed above on the streets, trust me, not a pretty sight!

Summer 2005 Beauty Picks

Now that I'm back in a VERY hot summery place, I'm in a total summery makeup mood. With all the 'new' makeup available, ie. old makeup disguised with 'brand new colors' or 'with a new formula' or 'texture', it gets confusing and annoying. And seriously, how would you know exactly how to achieve this season's trendy look? So here are a few winners from this season's beauty product picks.

So first, you have to know what is the beauty trend this summer. Here it is, (the pic is Dior.) Notice the colorful eyeshadow -the colors are sort of tropical. And of course lovely eyelashes and glossy lips. The lips should be light or bright pink.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
For the eyeshadow, I love this season's YSL limited edition Bayadere eye compact. The variety and combination of colors is fantastic for that tropical/ boho-ish eyes. Just make sure the eye shadow doesn't have glitter in it.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
I've heard rave reviews about the Stila lip glaze but haven't really tried it out myself. This season, there are a few new shades, and the tube is supersized! So why not try it out?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
I'm completely in love with the MAC eye kohl (eyeliners.) They're water and smudgeproof, even on my very smudgeable skin it doesn't smudge much. They come in lots of color. For this season, try some of those bright colors like electric blue, green and orange. You'll look like you just walked off a catwalk!

July 20, 2005

Behind the Scenes with Chai Vasquez II

Yum, tea was delicious! Anyhow, let us continue. .

B/H Girls: Where do you get your inspirations from?

Chai: Inspiration comes from everything and anything that touches my life. It can be a Van Morrison song, a paperclip, a tree, a movie, and even sometimes smells or the earth itself. But if I had to give credit of inspiration to anyone or anything in this world today, it would have to be my daughter Natty. 11 years old and my muse, not many have that luxury.

B/H Girls: Aw. . thats so sweet! But what made you decide to design shoes instead of bags or clothes? Why shoes?

Chai: Eventually ready to wear and accessories will be in the picture, but for the time being shoes are my passion. There’s just something about a beautifully sculpted heel, a well thought out design, and the essence of glamour that protrudes through the sexy women that wear my designs that keep me wanting to create.

B/H Girls: What does C Label have in store for us next year?

Well, if I let the cat out of the bag then what would be the fun in waiting right? All I can say is that I mature and learn more each day and that you can expect the collection to be better with each season. I guarantee you’ll love it.

B/H Girls: Oooo that sounds exciting! Where do you see C-label in five years time?

Chai: Well respected and continuing to stun my audience. Like yourselves!

B/H Girls: Which celeb do you think has the most fantastic shoes?

Chai: Whichever one has at least one of my pairs in her closet…just kidding. I’m not one to choose a particular celebrity. In my eyes, every woman that has a passion for shoes is a celebrity.

Comfort or style? Both. How could you wear something that hurts or something that looks like last weeks lunch?Mary Kate or Ashley Olsen? Again, both. Each with their own style sense. And their twins!
Round toes or pointy toes? Whatever fit’s the occasion girls.
Diamonds or Pearls? Let’s end this like this: combine them…break the rules.

B/H Girls: LOL, very smart answer. And lastly, and possibly the most typical question of all, If you were stranded on a deserted island, what is the one thing you cannot live without (besides food and drinks)?

That’s too easy. My daughter.

B/H Girls: Aw. . no wonder your shoes are so completely ADORABLE! Thanks sooo much for this interview. We can’t wait to see your newest collections!

Behind the Scenes with Chai Vasquez I

Today we have a special treat for you guys: an interview with Chai Vasquez- the designer behind those absolutely fabulous C Label shoes we were raving about!!! After our blog, Chai contacted us, and being the fabulous shoe designer that he is, agreed to do an interview with us. And here is what happened:

Barneys/Harrods Girls: We LOVE C Label and can hardly BELIEVE that we’re actually talking to THE Chai Vasquez. Tell us a more about yourself. What were doing before you launched C Label?

Chai: Well, before C LABEL I was honing my skills with a select group of well-respected companies. Being that I started very young, I had to be a sponge and learn my craft the best I could. Once I felt that I had the knowledge and proper skills to launch C LABEL…well, you know the rest.

B/H Girls: Where are you from, and where are you living right now?

Chai: I was born in Oaxaca, Mexico but have lived in the US since I was 6 months old. I was fortunate enough to have some amazing parents that moved us around to expose us to other cultures and the beauty of this world. Throughout my life I have been fortunate to have lived in many places in the world but now I call L.A. my home where I am based today [although with the craft I can also call the world my home].

B/H Girls: What made you launch C Label? And when was it launched?

Chai: C LABEL was a dream that I had for years but was waiting for the right time to launch it. C LABEL launched in the Spring of 2003 as a very small boutique collection. Throughout the short lifespan of the collection we have been able to overcome the obstacles of maintaining the direction for it and wowing our audience with it. Starting a label from scratch is a tough ordeal but I was fortunate to find the right people to make it happen. Today I am lucky to be surrounded by a group of talented and hard working people. My partner Nick, my assistant Tommy, my right hand man Chris, and a bevy of other designers that inspire me too. That is what makes C LABEL what it is today.

B/H Girls: What is the concept behind C Label shoes? Is there a consistent theme to it?

Chai: C LABEL to me means freedom of expression and the allowance to break every rule in traditional shoe design. Just take a look at the unusual materials that I use in my designs and you will see what I speak of. After all, what would be the fun in design if you can’t be innovative right? Depending on my moods in the season, that is what it becomes. A set concept I have never had. All I have ever wanted was for my designs to remain classic, not dated. In other words, you will want to wear them season throughout season as they are neither too trendy nor will they go out of style in the forthcoming seasons.

[And then we had a lovely little tea break of scones, cakes, cookies and all the works]

Stay tune tomorrow for the rest of the interview about Chai's preferences, inspirations and the future of C Label.

July 18, 2005

Coming Tomorrow. . .

Jennifer Love Hewitt was caught on the street wearing them. They were featured on Instyle.com , Life & Style where Mena Suvari picked one of their shoes, , Lucky Mag for Molly Simms and in next month's Harpers Bazaar and Vanity Fair: They are C Label shoes! And coming tomorrow we have a special behind the scenes interview with Chai Vasquez, the designer and founder of the ever so lovely C Label shoes, such as these very gorgeous ones below:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

So stay tune tomorrow to learn more about Chai, C Label and their fabulous shoes!

July 17, 2005

Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Alas, after such a long wait, the sixth and sadly penultimate Harry Potter book is finally out. I rushed out at 9am and rushed home to read it, (the book started selling at 7am but I probably wouldn't have been able to wake up after only 3.5hrs of sleep so decided against buying the book at 7am.) I looked ridiculously chirpy on the quiet Sat. morning streets (in my nautical-inspired outfit and Prada bag,) while swinging my Harry Potter bag.

So after hiding with The Half-blood Prince in my room for 7 hrs, I'm now feeling a mixture of feelings: excitement, familarity, sadness, disappointment and finally, anticipation. I'm not going to give anything away, but the characters are certainly growing up and taking on more distinctive roles -some good some bad. Even though Rowling says that a lot is revealed in this book, I say only some things are, and there are a lot of other subjects talked about in the book that just makes me wonder more about them. And unfortunately, some leaked out rumours about the book's plot were true afterall.

The only thoughts in my head now are oh gosh, how long are they going make us wait for the seventh book, and oh no, that's going to be the last one. *Sniff* Meanwhile, I'm off to reread the book again.

July 16, 2005

For a Friday: What do your clothes say about you?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Barneys Girl and I have been very busy in the past week -Barneys Girl is interning, and I'm doing community service, learning driving and trying to heal my terrible skin. And tonight, we're going to have an Italian dinner (knowing our friends, it wil probably be at some terrible restaurant,) and then maybe some clubbing. I did manage to find another quiz worth doing. So go over to CosmoGirl.com to do this quiz: What do your clothes say about you?

Despite the quiz's title, the quiz is a basic profile of your dressing style. Yes, I know you probably already know your own style by this age, but it's always fun to do these fun quizes and see what they say about you! Here are the results of this blog's writers:

Barney's Girl:
Classically Cool
You’re all about the things that never go out of style, from little black dresses to comfy-cool khakis. Your sweet and smart clothes match your personality. Play it up in: a classic charm necklace or a super-luxe pair of perfectly fitted jeans.

Harrods Girl:
Red-Carpet Ready
No doubt about it, Miss Trendsetter: From your ultra-glam hair accessories to your where’d-you-find-those heels, you’re everyone’s style idol. Play it up in: high-heeled ankle boots or a one-sleeved dress.

July 15, 2005

Demi Moore for Versace FW05

So after that terrifying SS05 Versace campaign by Madonna, the new face for the FW05 Versace campaign is Demi Moore. Oh joy. OK, so I get that since Versace has failed to attract the young crowd, it is now aiming for the 40+ age group, but does Dontella really have to choose such tacky and obviously surgically-enhanced-looking women to star in the Versace campaigns?

But of course, Dontella thinks Demi Moore is fab and I quote:
"I have known Demi Moore for many years and never has she been as beautiful as she is now," said designer Donatella Versace. "Her presence is magnetic because it is entirely natural and never forced. Her personality comes shining through."

And so dear readers, this is what happens when a brand gets desperate for media attention to revive itself. That gorgeous Versace FW05 collection doesn't really mean much now, does it?

July 13, 2005

Haute Couture FW05 Day 3

So technically Chanel was on Day 2, but it doesn't matter. Karl Lagerfeld sent all the girls out wrapped in big black cloacks and coats, then opened that outer layer up to reveal the Chanel pieces.

Through Lagerfeld's creative mind, even the black coats serve a purpose: some black coats have designs inside as shown on the left (the pink strips,) and also serve as a black background for the clothes to standout. (Not to mention Chanel can make a small fortune selling those coats.) The pink dress suit on the left is quite typically Chanel, but I do love the puffy twist to the Chanel skirt on the right.
And what is a Chanel show without its black dresses. The couture dresses once again show the Chanel elegance mixed with Lagerfeld's 'rock chic' style. Lagerfeld seemed to favour puffiness for this collection.
The yellow dress on the left is one of the most geometically-genius and yet still ugliest piece in this collection. Does is not remind you of an octopus? On the other hand, I absolutely adore the pink dress on the right. The proportions are so unique and the details are wonderful (like the lovely lacy straps.) The whole dress with the ribbon makes the model look like a wrapped present.
Anne Valerie Hash
Hash presented the most uncouture-like couture show: there were no extravagant puffy dresses or heavily made-up faces. Models walked out in relatively casual light clothes, and all the pieces were ultra-femine, romantic and light-hearted.

All the pieces were very modern Victorian-influenced with a touch of Chloe (and a pair of ballet shoes.) Such a casually pretty show.
Elie Saab
The Saab show looked too much like a prom/ formal dress catalogue for my liking. There were too many dresses with little variety. But there are a few designs worth admiring:
Isn't that red dress so beautifully cut?
See what I mean? The dresses are all sort of mono-themed -not quite exciting.
In my opinion the most beautiful wedding dress from all the couture shows this season. I wonder which wedding dress Christina Aguilera picked at the end.