December 04, 2007

I Dream of a Lifestyle Involving Many Cocktail Dresses II: Backless Dresses

So I realised I forgot to explain my 'I Dream of a Lifestyle Involving Many Cocktail Dresses' series. Contrary to the timing, the series is not specificly here just because it's party season. It's here because I've been so inspired by Gossip Girl. If you haven't watched the oh-so-addictive Gossip Girl yet, basically, a fabulous event happens every episode and all the gorgeous characters are dressed amazingly -both girls and guys. (I loved Blair's birthday party: the clothes, the venue, the atmosphere!) Even in episodes that don't have parties, they're all still dressed fashionably.

So anyways, before I feature more dresses and accessories that I like, (such as in my post on Marc dresses last week), I have questions about some dresses. To start off with: backless dresses. I've been seeing a lot of backless dresses online and in high street stores recently, with the revival of a few 80's trends and racer back dresses.
I'm a bit confused how we're supposed to wear them. Obviously wearing no bras is the logical solution. Or perhaps some people would just let their bra show. But honestly, I do not feel comfortable at all even at the thought of not wearing a bra. I guess I'll just have to avoid all backless dresses. Sigh, it's such a pity. I really like some of the dresses that have this problem (like this grey studded dress above.)
How comfortable are you with backless dresses? And how do you wear it?
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Blogger Editor:: said...

This blog post actually has good timing because I am going shopping for a New Year's Eve party dress on Thursday. The more sparkle, the better. I really like the Gray dress. That is very pretty!

My Fashion Blog:

12/04/2007 5:09 AM  
Anonymous devo7 said...

I am more on the smaller busted side, but I still would not want to go with no bra. You could always get a stick on bra. I think victoria secret sells one, or often formal dress stores have them. From what I heard, they are surprisingly comfortable.

12/04/2007 5:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wear a stick on bra all the time and would die without it! It works or every type up dress and shirt because it has no back or sides. I advise you to buy one asap

12/04/2007 6:01 AM  
Anonymous Jenny said...

I've seen quite a few Asian celebs that rely on them for chest boost. Or just backless dresses.

12/04/2007 7:31 AM  
Blogger Patent Shoes && Rants said...

Stick on bra. Expensive- But verrrryyyy useful. Or a low back bra, which basically is really tight and goes down to the small of your back.

Or pasties.

I have a backless shirt that I wear all the time. No need to avoid them just use the three (or more?) options.


12/04/2007 7:43 AM  
Blogger TresChic said...

Thats so funny I bought that grey dress for my schools snowball dance next weekend!!!

12/04/2007 12:04 PM  
Blogger Moi said...

i bought a backless dress at urban outfitters this summer and since i find those stick on bras or bras with really low backs uncomfortable i bought a bit of black fabric (it was a black dress) and sewed a strap across the back right over were my bra goes. i think this depends on the dress tho because it looked good on mine but it might not on some other types of backless dresses

12/04/2007 12:21 PM  
Blogger Q said...

Sticky bras are so uncomfortable. And taking them off is no fun...

Backs are so sexy though. How could you not want to wear these dresses just to show them off. I'd even consider letting it all hang loose.


12/04/2007 1:17 PM  
Anonymous Viki said...

WHERE is that amazing black dress from? I love it.

Really. I must own it immediately.

12/04/2007 2:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd just use the stick on bras - or even just tape your boobs down with Hollywood tape?

12/04/2007 2:42 PM  
Anonymous Marie_R said...

I've tried several stick on bras types over the years and the best one I have is the re-useable stick on bra (the ones you can wash). The older styles that are one time only can be quite painful to remove - DO NOT remove quickly; slowly but surely is the way to go ladies! If you are larger in the chest (I think the bras only go up to a D) you could have cups sewn into your dress for support and comfort. I also recommend fashion tape (sometimes called Hollywood tape). You use it directly on your skin and stick the fabric to it or fabric to fabric. It has saved me from many potential embarrassing accidents! Backless dresses are super sexy so get a backless bra and show off your sexy back!

12/04/2007 2:55 PM  
Blogger Dana said...

Sticky bras are awfull, but for those kind of dresses you candfind bras that have a little plastic thing to keep the 2 parts at the back united... Or low back bra is another option i use from time to time

12/04/2007 3:55 PM  
Anonymous felicite said...

You can wear a tube or a bikini inside! hopefully you have enough to match the colors..if not white/black/silver is usually safe.

Have fun with the dresses, although I'm getting sold on the idea of a stick on bra - no fuss!

12/04/2007 4:04 PM  
Blogger cakecat said...

I think Nubra may be a good solution.

I have one myself. The new edition with cloth surface is quite light and comfortable now. Of course the invisible effect is not as fabulous as the old edition, but for the comfortability it's much better.

12/04/2007 7:15 PM  
Blogger dressedandpressed said...

Two solutions: stick on bra or amazing matching ornamental bra that looks good enough to be seen. That's what i do.

12/04/2007 9:21 PM  
Blogger Suzanna Mars said...

I love all of these dresses, but most particularly the grey one.

I don't wear a bra with that type of dress, but will agree with the idea of a stick-on bra.

And now..what about the shoes to go with them?

12/05/2007 2:36 AM  
Blogger Harrods Girl said...

Hmm, I really should get myself to an underwear store for one of those bras!

Viki -The black dress is from Top Shop.

12/05/2007 6:18 AM  
Blogger alis said...

marks & spencer has a bra in their basic bra range, it has clear plastic straps. the "cups" are also staying together with a tiny clear strap on the front. as for the back it comes with two options, either a straight clear strap, or a long one that goes around your waist leaving your back completely strap-less. either way it's a great choice, completely invisible except the cup parts, and you feel completely secure.

12/05/2007 7:54 PM  
Blogger eTranquilty said...

I like to wear backless dresses layered over a pretty tee worn backwards so the cool design peeks out in the back opening.

12/06/2007 9:46 AM  
Anonymous Letícia said...

I always had this same problem and once i saw this GENIUS backless bra. It was a regular bra in the front and the straps were sewn o the sides of the cups, so you'd just put the straps around your arms and have nothing on your back... I don't know if that's a good enough explanation but I couldn't find a picture! The good things about this kind of bra is that if it has a wire it'll give you as much support as a regular one, and you can make one yourself out of a regular bra. Also, you could put on some really cute colorful straps and that would work with even more dress styles.

12/09/2007 6:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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12/13/2007 12:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...



9/25/2009 4:49 PM  
Blogger Anti Login said...

I always had this same problem and once i saw this GENIUS backless bra. It was a regular bra in the front and the straps were sewn o the sides of the cups, so you'd just put the straps around your arms and have nothing on your back... lifestyle on the net I don't know if that's a good enough explanation but I couldn't find a picture! The good things about this kind of bra is that if it has a wire it'll give you as much support as a regular one, and you can make one yourself out of a regular bra. Also, you could put on some really cute colorful straps and that would work with even more dress styles.

12/06/2009 4:24 PM  
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Anonymous Erica said...

I'm a big fan of the backless dresses. Very pretty.

4/11/2010 8:54 AM  
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Anonymous kitchen tables said...

I still can't believe how you do that kind of gorgeous dresses. I am so impressed on all the dresses that you make. I love the black dress in this post. I think it can be worn on any occasion.

8/28/2010 4:47 PM  
Anonymous Sildenafil Citrate said...

I rad your other post on cocktail dresses yesterday if I'm not mistaken and I loved it and this one as well, thank you so much for this second part!

9/09/2010 11:36 PM  
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