March 07, 2005

Paris Autumn/Winter 2005 Wrapup III

Paris is truly the capital of the fashion world. The gorgeous-ness of all the Paris fashion week offerings are just endless and cannot possibly be encompassed in our usual 2 wrap-ups. Here are just some of their latest offerings. . .

It appears that new born mothers are on a run here. Following Stella McCartney's collection, Phoebe Philo's a/w 2005-06 for Chloe was equally as spectacular. Blue, black and white were the main color theme for the show, which consisted of their usual chic, emaculately tailored outfits and their signature flowy feminine cocktail dresses.

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The boho luxe look, perfect for a stroll down the shops. . .

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The chic office look: neat, trimmed and oh-so-stylish.

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Ah. . the flowy cocktail dresses. Only question here is, the black. . .

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. . .or the blue?Or both?

Christian Lacroix
Following his success in his haute couture collection, Christian Lacroix produces yet again another stunning collection consisting of lots of prints and furs fashioned in a way that reflects the artistry, technique and skill that is Christian Lacroix.

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Echoing the patchwork trend that is so popular this season, this dress is oh-so-skillfully put together

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And I'm sure that lots of effort and skill has went into this baby doll dress with the seemingly random creases and folds.

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And this sexy black dress matched with printed fur is just downright wild and sexy. Stay tune for Loius Vuitton, YSL and more!


Blogger michelle said...

...these are sooooo beautiful...(wistful sigh)

i love almost anything that Phoebe Phil makes for Chloe...and for that dress....most definately both colors!

i also really like the second to last Lacroix dress...

3/07/2005 8:50 PM  
Blogger hearts81 said...

My favorite today... the little black cocktail dress. Have to go and look in my closet. No, better not do that. It could get depressing ;) My dresses can't compete with the ones featured today.

A Touch of Style :)

3/08/2005 12:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Phoebe Philo and Stella Mc Cartney have an astounding sense of style! I love their new collections, so fresh and modern!

3/08/2005 2:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love this Blog! Check out these sassy fashion girls to at Pammyland

3/08/2005 9:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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