January 14, 2006

Cozy Coats

Ideally I would be wearing something as stylish and slimming as the coats below, from Anthropologie and BCBG, to keep me warm in the winter.

However, as a girl used to subtropical winters, where winter is more of a change of wardrobe than weather, I fear that such thin looking coats will just not be enough to keep me warm under the onslaught of a Chicago winter.
As a result, I find myself turning to puffy down coats, like these two from Polo Sports, to keep me warm. And so far, they've sufficiently kept me warm on most winter days.

For the more extreme days of winter, I have in reserve a long poofy jacket that looks remarkably like this one here from North Face, except mine isn't from Northface and my hood has fur on it. And I'm happy to report that I haven't used this yet after one winter and a half, although I was tempted to today under the attack of wind and freezing ice/rain pouring on us.
But really, as practical as these poofy down jackets are, they're not exactly very flattering. So what I'm wondering is, for those of you who live in extremely cold climates, how do you keep stylishly warm in winter?


Blogger missc said...

It's freezing here, even as I speak, so I layer a lot. And when I have enough layers to keep me warm but not bulky I add a wrap sweater. Finally, I turn to my thick wool pea coat and scarf. Hope I helped!

1/15/2006 4:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm in Scotland and it's been pretty cold, I was wearing a puffer jacket all last year and was happy to do so this year again, franky it's the only way to brave going out.
But this year I found a jacket that is puffy but so much more flattering.
You know how they usually stick out at the back and look like they're inflated? Well this one looks a lot for flattering, somehow doesn;t stick out and has cute sequins round the edges (it's brown, and the sequins brownish copper, so it's not in-your-face, just a bit more unusual.
Apart from that I usually wear woolen tights under trousers, no-one can tell and it makes me warm. I also layer a lot but it bulks you up, and I don't like doing it. Hats are good.

1/15/2006 5:28 AM  
Anonymous hsin said...

I would like to know if you can tell me if OLIVER PEOPLES GLASSES are quality items or just expensive because celebrities wear them?

1/15/2006 6:04 AM  
Blogger Are You the New Avante Garde? said...

Oh I always see the long puffer coats in NYC, especially in the boroughs.

Layers Layers and Layers if it is cold. But I personally just wear a Cashmere jacket (very thick and warm) with a scarf, and a russian fur hand warmer- you know, those huge fur things you stick your hand in. But i'm not outside alot. I tend to avoid it.

Cute bcbg coat! check out the miss sixty ones


1/15/2006 7:34 AM  
Anonymous UrbanGypsy said...

I'm from Canada so it is impossible to be stylishly warm here. Either freeze to death or look like the Michelin Man. The trouble with layers is that you are very hot when you go inside. How many months left till summer?

1/15/2006 7:41 AM  
Anonymous Mairim said...

Barney's Girl, where can I find the BCBG coat online? Their site shows only the summer collection.

1/15/2006 8:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anonymous: I put woolen tights under my trousers too!

Avante Garde: your cashmere jkt sounds nice! staying indoors is smart.

urban gypsy: sigh. . about 4 months until spring?

hsin: tough question. i've seen them around, but i haven't exactly been paying much attention to them. so i don't know.

miriam: you can find the bcbg coat here

1/15/2006 1:04 PM  
Blogger vraimentparfait said...

I'm living in Montreal... so I can definitely relate to the urge to bundle up...

I have a puffy waist-length, brown coat with a fur hood... however most of the time I just wear wool pea coats with mittens/gloves, hat/headband and a scarf. I also ALWAYS wear knee high boots with my jeans tucked in. (Dry feet = warm feet) I think it's a matter of making sure that every spot that is easily chilled is covered... exposed hands are a recipe for disaster.

I hope never to resort to the ankle length ball of puffiness. It's simply too hideous for words.

1/15/2006 3:26 PM  
Blogger stylishSimone said...

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1/15/2006 8:02 PM  
Anonymous Hilda said...

I'm living in the north of Sweden so I should know all about dressing for cold weather. As a lot of people have answered layering is the way to go.. I always wear wool-tights, and wool-socks in my boots. And I've got the best coat for cold weather. It is kind of tweed-y on the outside but is lined whith fur on the inside, perfect!:)

1/15/2006 10:31 PM  
Blogger Harrods Girl said...

Luckily London hasn't been that cold, so I'm warm enough in my Miss Sixty vertically lined, just-above-knee length, slightly puffy jacket. I always wondered how people kept warm without the down.

1/15/2006 11:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I live in Chicago too, and I have a tweed trenchcoat lined with fleece and down, but you could never tell from the outside. That would probably work for you.

1/16/2006 12:52 AM  
Blogger Viva Las Divas said...

furs and cashmere, darlings

1/16/2006 1:25 AM  
Anonymous Erika said...

i never wear puffy coats or jackets and i live in norway.
fur lined boots, gloves, a hat, a wool coat and scarf keeps the cold out.

on really chilly days i turn to my great charity shop find, a north sea parka with fur trimmed hood.

1/16/2006 5:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So you don't find puffy jackets stylish? I had the same dilemma. I had to choose from a red wood coat from Aritzia or a puffy jacket--and the puffy jacket won based on warmth, comfort, and practicality.

I just got a puffy, down to the waist jacket with a fur-trimmed hood too. Mine is brown and from the Northface though, and I think it looks pretty cute.

I think the only problem is that the puffy, fur-trimmed hood jackets are all over the place, but eh, what can you do?

- 20-year-old Torontonian

1/16/2006 6:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

* wood = wool

1/16/2006 6:04 AM  
Anonymous Chloé addict said...

Well I live in the north of England and I'll admit, it's not colder than Sweden (see Hilda) but it is pretty damn cold! When the weather is freezing (like today), the key to staying warm is to layer, layer, layer! Find the perfect top that won't look bulky if you wear another underneath and then put a simple vest top under it (tight clothes insulate better) and then wear a small jacket over the two tops, then your coat, etc. and it really works!

1/16/2006 4:41 PM  
Blogger girlwiththeSuper8 said...

I live in Canada too, and there are times when you just want to abandon good looks and go for warmth. Luckily that only happens once or twice a year. The rest of the time, a long, lean puffer coat in a fun colour like kelly green does the trick. Hats and gloves are your best friends and handy accessories for changing the look of your winter coat. I ditched wool tights long ago in favour of thinner, warmer merino wool longjohns. They're much more comfortable than tights and because they're designed for cold-weather athletic activity, they're very warm and provide you with a full range of motion.

1/18/2006 3:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I live in Finland, and tomorrow it's going to be freezing cold even here in the south of the country. What makes it even worse is the hard wind.

I try to keep warm in my favourite coat (hard to describe, it's from g-sus with a bright blue lining with white dots), maybe a blazer under it and probably tights under my jeans and my warm gore-tex-fur-lined winter boots (quite ugly but aaah so warm), one pair of mittens plus gloves underneath, a knitted hat and a big scarf.

The problem is, I'll be sweating indoors! Maybe I'll have to take the tights off right after I'm at work...

1/18/2006 4:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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1/25/2006 1:48 AM  
Blogger madamemode said...

hahha you are right sometimes in winter it is hard to look nice. But my secret is many layers under my FASHIONABLE coat. No I rather die freezing than wearing these puffy jeans!

Check out my fashionblog! ;)

2/21/2006 9:07 AM  
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