September 08, 2006

FW06 Fashion Trend: Leopard Printed Accessories

From the comments of yesterday's post, leopard-printed clothes are obviously not very popular. Personally, I think wearing just a bit of it is fine, such as just showing the sleeves or the bottom layering shirt. Some people also commented that they don't think this trend is going to last long -let's face it, that's why it's called a trend. Obviously if you don't like this trend, don't go for it!

Anyways, today we move onto accessories. This season, it seems like designers just put leopard prints over all their shoes and handbags:

Steve by Steve Madden has leopard prints on three different shoe styles: platform pumps, ballet flats and terrible-looking wedges.

BCBG Max Azria's platform sandals aren't bad, but the flats are just... not so nice.
Prada, one of the leopard prints supporting designers this season, has these platform Mary Janes. Jimmy Choo on the other hand, has leopard printed shoes in its typical pointy shoe style.

Marc Jacobs is another huge leopard print supporter this season. Both of these bags are by Marc Jacobs. I reckon a woman who looks very rich, wore a long black coat and carried the furry bag, she would look very stylish.

The bag on the left is by Prada, and the right clutch is by Roberto Cavalli.

Even Tods, which usually makes rather plain bags, has a simple leopard-printed tote (left). The right handbag is by Jimmy Choo.

I do think the leopard prints should not have been used on the Fendi B-bag, or at least not this way. This B-bag has got way too much going on!

The key to wearing leopard printed accessories is to only have one item at once and wear mono-coloured clothes. For example, a black dress with a leopard-printed platform pumps would look pretty nice. Don't wear printed clothes with your leopard printed accessories!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi- professional girl from yesterday's comment... anyhow, i didnt know that was Nichole... she looks good and hot. still skinny as heck but she's cute looking. I agree the accessory

9/08/2006 3:50 AM  
Blogger alluretone said...

little black dress with the Roberto Cavalli clutch would look fab.

9/08/2006 3:57 AM  
Anonymous cat said...

hello... just wanted to say that living in miami where lots of girls are very fashion-forward, leopard-print is already becoming a big big trend. about a month ago or so I predicted it would hit and here it is. :) accessory-wise i see many girls with printed headbands, which i love.

9/08/2006 3:59 AM  
Anonymous amy said...

I love your new Fall header!

9/08/2006 4:07 AM  
Blogger Marissa said...

I love the steve madden pumps, but I must admit that i think the bags look a little 90's. I prefer the leopard coats.

9/08/2006 5:57 AM  
Anonymous cmr said...

omg look at nicole's LEGS

9/08/2006 8:27 AM  
Blogger Dani said...

I was at nine west toiday and I saw similar leopard shoes, I loved them.

9/08/2006 10:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the Steve Madden ballet flats are really cute--just that little pop of leopard is fun, I would go for that.

9/08/2006 11:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

for those of you who were just born or just bit ditzy - leopard/animal print in moderation has always bheen stylish

9/08/2006 12:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Even though I would have written it with a bit more tact, I have to agree with "anonymous" above. Animal prints in some form have been around for more than half a century (French designer Leonard really went to town with them in the 60s; I recently saw an exhibition of his designs in the Textiles Museum in Lyon), and I saw leopard and tiger print shoes featured in French Vogue last year. I just think that they are getting a bit more exposure now, like you've pointed out. In any event, I will always like this look so it's nice to see more designers embrace it this season.

9/08/2006 2:59 PM  
Blogger supergirl said...

i think zara has a pair of leopard print flats thats almost like the steve madden ones too.
i dont think leopard prints on flats look nice though.
on platform pumps however, it looks stunnninggggg

9/08/2006 4:39 PM  
Anonymous Sophia said...

when i was 14 i had a leopard-print bag and i was carrying it like almost every day. i loved it! but since then i had never owned anything in leopard print. now 25, i think i might be ready to add a little spice into my wardrobe again... reaow! LOL :P

I love the leopard-print ballet flats from French Sole. preferably low-cut. very audrey hepburn, but with a modern twist!!! :)

PS. is it ashlee simpson in the first pic? omg she really IS skinny! :S well she is looking good though...

La Voguette

9/08/2006 7:51 PM  
Blogger fashionyeahrite said...

hey been from south africa you only see leoperd skin on ethnic types, i think personally you only wear leoperd skin if you wanna spice up your sex-life "roar" i mean you only wear leoperd skin to impress someone you love Tarzan king of the jungle interesting title not"Tyrone king of the urban jungle " give me a break the only time you wear leoperd skin is in the private of ya bedroom, if you happen to be a witch doctor or in deepest, darkest africa where literally no-one can see you i mean come on this is not the 80's!!!!

9/08/2006 8:38 PM  
Anonymous toni said...

I agree with the writer on using leopard to accent an outfit. When I think leopard and I can't help but think immediatley of Shaniah Twain circa "That Don't Impress Me Much." Complete leopard overkill, but it done correctly, I think leopard can be tasteful and fashionable.

9/08/2006 10:14 PM  
Anonymous toni said...

9/08/2006 10:16 PM  
Blogger EnidP said...

love th flats...


9/08/2006 11:13 PM  
Blogger Frapp said...

I love leopard print! Though of course I'd never go overboard on it, I love all of that but I'd only ever go for a pair of shoes or a bag in the print.

9/08/2006 11:43 PM  
Anonymous Kitty said...

I love some of those leopard print accessories. I was wondering if you have heard of a site You can borrow some of the newest styles in hand bags for the season. I was curious what you girls thought of the idea.

9/09/2006 2:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with the other 2 anonymouses. Having one leopard piece like the shoes always looks stylish. It's just a fun print you don't have to think about it too much- like fashionyeahrite. If you wear the shoes with a beautiful, simple sweater and skinny jeans like I did, it looks gorgeous!

9/09/2006 7:11 AM  
Blogger Bella said...

i love leopard print! can't get enough of it =]

9/09/2006 7:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can't stand it. Stylish or not.
I think it's incredibly ugly.
MAYBE a very small accesory.
But no more than that.

9/09/2006 8:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i never noticed how skinny nicole richie was until this moment. the girl needs help.

9/09/2006 1:22 PM  
Blogger Sparkles said...

I am not mad on them, a ballet pump I can live with but they are still not for me.

9/09/2006 3:25 PM  
Blogger arif said...

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9/09/2006 8:16 PM  
Blogger arif said...

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9/09/2006 8:17 PM  
Blogger arif said...

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9/09/2006 8:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

check out reese witherspoon and her take on this trend...SUPER CUTE!

9/09/2006 10:03 PM  
Anonymous Katharine said...

i love leopard print, especially accessories. they have a ton of leopard shoes at for like 20 bucks. they are probably cheap, but they look fab in the picture :]

9/11/2006 3:29 AM  
Blogger Michele said...

LOVE your blog! And... I totally agree, I also noted 'classy animal print' as a must-have for Autumn 2006! Check it out on my blog:

9/12/2006 12:31 AM  
Anonymous LeopardLover said...

There is a leopard print frame on eBay that I love.

Copy this link:

or search:
Leopard Giraffe Photo Fuzzy PICTURE FRAME SET

6/17/2007 12:23 PM  
Anonymous Mjolnir said...

I LOVE the Prada shoes. Animal print looks good when matched with solid colours.

7/31/2009 4:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They have leopard flats at payless for $16.99, also, zebra and hot pink!

8/21/2009 9:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...



9/23/2009 8:10 PM  
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