August 22, 2008

The Classic Denim Mini

Recently I've been in a major fashion slump, meaning that I've been recycling two outfits over and over again for the past few weeks. In fact, my fashion slump has been so serious that I've resorted to wearing my sister's denim mini skirt.
Yes that's right -a classic denim skirt. It's not even one of those trendy A-line minis, which are oh-so-trendy this season. And I'm so lazy that I just wear it with my current love, an American Apparel V-neck shirt. While the white tee and denim mini combination feels very juvenile to me (-it's very high school isn't it?), it's also strangely very comforting. With fashion trends coming and going faster than ever, it's just getting tiring and frankly, not very exciting to keep up with it all. I mean, I adore Zara and H&M for its fast fashion and prices but since I am stuck in a fashion slump, nothing seems more charming than a plain, casual outfit that is the tee and denim mini.

Right now I'm trying to find a denim mini to buy. A problem with the denim mini is that I'm finding it really difficult to find a denim mini which is of a decent length. It's not like I'm asking much -I just want one that ends around or slightly below mid-thighs. But in the shops tha't I've been to (-ok, basically only Top Shop,) all I've seen are mini minis. How do people even move around in those? BG tells me that America Eagle Outfitters makes pretty good denim minis (see image.) But since I don't live in the States, I'm hoping the next time I go to H&M or some other casual shop, they'll be selling some decent denim minis!

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Blogger Katie said...

I've never personally been into the denim mini craze, but I do understand the comfort thing. When I'm in a fashion slump, I like to revert back into boot cut jeans, a graphic, crew neck t-shirt and Old Navy flip flops. In the fall, I just change the shoes to my boat shoes from Delias. It makes me feel better. Good luck finding that skirt!


8/22/2008 4:20 AM  
Blogger Lindsay said...

that's my go to outfit too and I definitely know the feeling! I'm just anxious for fall to arrive!

8/22/2008 4:57 AM  
Anonymous Bev said...

They usually wear a pair of biker shorts beneath, just in case

8/22/2008 5:22 AM  
Anonymous Ashley said...

If you can hold out for the American Eagle one I would, I own a few and they're super comfortable and the perfect length. I bought mine a few years ago and I still wear it regularly - definitely a good investment.

8/22/2008 5:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i have the same problem. My advice is to go for vintage levis minis, they're just that little bit longer than the normal. u can get some pretty nice ones in london oxford circus at their vintage section if u can't b bothered digging through vintage shops.

8/22/2008 5:42 AM  
Anonymous Youxi said...

i see many women specially teens.. are wearing denim skirts or shorts.... i think more teens are going to that i think...

8/22/2008 8:31 PM  
Blogger Knikki said...

Freshman year in college, that's all I wore when it was hot outside.

Mine had a cute shiny blue design in the back and it was a lighter wash so I wore it with my casual pinstriped pink collared shirt and pink tennis shoes.

Other days, it was like you said with just a t or something simple.

Mine was SHORT and I definitely can't wear it now, but I got mine from Steve and Barry's. It's an american store that sells college apparel and everything there is $8. Yes, that includes jackets, shoes, shirts, sweaters, and dresses.

<3 Knikki

Ps. I've seen a lot of girls doing the denim mini with leggins (which I hate) but you might could give it a try.

8/22/2008 8:49 PM  
Anonymous Designer Womenswear said...

Girls with mini skirts are really beautiful. Try your mini skirt..

8/22/2008 9:11 PM  
Blogger Juliet said...

For past two years i've been trying to find great denim mini without success.

juliet xxx

8/22/2008 11:16 PM  
Blogger Sa said...

OH my how this takes me back to the 90's when I had the legs to wear them. I have some fab shoe ideas over on my blog that would all go with the mini skirt

8/22/2008 11:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's all say the words 'denim mini' one more time in a single paragraph.

Your writing is beginning to get very sloppy.

Don't you PROOFREAD anymore?

8/23/2008 6:24 AM  
Anonymous Teri said...

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8/23/2008 8:53 AM  
Blogger CC Girl said...

I agree that the denim mini looks really simple and pretty. I'm not a fan of it with leggings, or the super short kind. Personally I like faded minis because a dark wash just seems too formal on a rather informal article of clothing.

H&M makes a lot of minis with coloured denim, as well as in plaid patterns for the fall season.

I like to wear minis with a slightly shorter, straight line graphic t-shirt to create some interest. I guess I also try not too mess up my proportions too much with the long V-neck tee because I'm rather short?

I'm a huge fan of your blog, but it's my first time commenting. Keep on giving the great posts!

8/23/2008 10:30 AM  
Blogger the dressmaker said...

Nothing wrong with a fashion slump! I'm not saying a fashion slump is ugly, but it's sometimes nice to not care too much. Usually my fashion slump comes around during exam time, and I wear the same jeans, shirt, and sweater all week. Kind of gross, I know, but at least I change my underwear. But your fashion slump at least sounds a little fashionable.

8/23/2008 2:29 PM  
Blogger Julie said...

I love H&M! It's a great place to shop.
I wear denim skirts time to time but I'm not a huge fan. They're okay i guess. I'd rather wear more poofier skirts but it won't look casual :/

Keep up your posts! I love reading your blog!

8/23/2008 5:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think denim should be kept to jeans ONLY i think skirts look tacky but i spose if there well designed you can get away with it
try shopping at a charity shop you can get some great finds!


8/23/2008 7:26 PM  
Blogger Mina Jade said...

H&M rocks (especially with Madonna) and don't believe anyone who tells otherwise.

As for mini skirts, the shorter, the better, I do believe.

8/24/2008 2:55 AM  
Anonymous clothes supplier said...

a cute light blue tan top will go with it well, i think

8/24/2008 6:23 AM  
Blogger Savvy Mode SG said...

i think i have been living in my dolce denim mini for the past week as well. but, it's been so hot in california lately. i think i will be layering with berry color chanel legging for fall.

8/24/2008 1:05 PM  
Blogger HotFashion said...

I just discovered your blog which seems great !

I like so much mini skirts, it's so cute.

Well I'm going to check your entire blog ^^

8/24/2008 9:06 PM  
Anonymous ambika said...

You know, I actually bought a denim mini in the *wash* I wanted, then shortened it to the length I wanted.

8/25/2008 8:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to be a stick in the mud.And not to say that I am an invincible fashionista, but I haven't been too fond of that trend since 2005. I think that it's been out the window for the longest, and like the 80's,people keep trying to relive it and bring it back.Give it up, people. Free yourself from this terrible "trend." Why are you tryingto hold onto this? Just let it come back on it's own. There is no such thing as a "classic" denim mini skirt.

8/25/2008 3:13 PM  
Anonymous Fashion trends said...

Thats a nice trend looks elegant and young with white top. I love to try with yellow tops.

8/26/2008 12:10 AM  
Blogger Blahboredom123 said...

I hope you find it. Personally I like wearing cotton skirts.

8/26/2008 5:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

we've been wearing the exact same thing going through the same thing too
looking forward to getting my dry cleaning back for a jump start
i recommend anything in dark denim, mini skirts and deep v's are still effortless cool work it till you feel up to more trends

8/26/2008 9:29 AM  
Anonymous melissa said...

well..that one looks really cute..with a nice pair of green top or cute shirt it will be instant fashion from the closet..:)

8/26/2008 8:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

if you love denim check out house de lux in new york! they've got great styles and great fits

8/26/2008 10:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love denim mini skirts! I would recommend lucky brand. They're so casual and so versatile!

8/28/2008 12:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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8/29/2008 8:01 PM  
Anonymous lauren said...

ooh thanks so much for the American Eagle mention. I was trying to find a pair, I loved the Chanel washed denim mini on the Fall/Winter 2008 runway, it looked so hot with a pair of tights and over-sized sweater. Loved it!! but American Eagle will be a great substitute

11/14/2008 9:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...



9/25/2009 7:48 PM  
Anonymous Skirts said...

A denim skirt is just something every woman should have in her closet. It's a staple and will never go out of style.

5/21/2010 3:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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7/15/2010 8:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just found a perfect denim mini last night, I was in Gap and it jumped out at me. It's a darker wash than usual, and a little bit longer than your standard mini, however this skirt is AMAZING. It is one of those pieces that will work no matter what. I wore it to my morning classes today- with an AA V-neck tee and a bright lightweight scarf and loafers (it felt too juvenile to wear that simple of an outfit, even in 90° weather.) We're in the same style rut, it seems.

I'm in New York, and while I realize that you probably don't have a Gap near you... international shipping is going to start soon! Hopefully you can find something similar without having to wait for shipping to become available!

8/31/2010 9:17 AM  
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